'Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again' Is The Film Of The Summer

In case you've been living under a ROCK, Mamma Mia is an amazing musical that has been charming people for generations following its historic run on Broadway and the very successful film including stars such as the iconic Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried.

If you don't know the story, the first Mamma Mia was all about a young girl, Sophie and her mother, Donna who live on an island in Greece and work at a villa Donna took over when she was young. Sophie is about to get married and as she is preparing for the big day, she discovers her mother's old diary detailing the affairs she had when she first came to Greece with three different men all around the same time. Sophie decides she cannot get married unless she knows her true identity and meets her father. So she tracks down and invites all three of the men mentioned in her mom's old diary in hopes of finding her father and having him walk her down the aisle on her special day with absolutely no regard to how her mother will feel.

Basically all chaos breaks loose but in the end, everything works out. I don't want to give everything away. But you should watch the first film before finishing reading this article because SPOILERS are soon to come.

For those of you who have seen the first film, THIS ONE IS EVEN BETTER. The story with "Here We Go Again" is that unfortunately Donna has passed, and Sophie makes it her mission to turn the villa into the beautiful, luxurious hotel Donna had always wanted it to be.

Throughout the film, we follow a young Donna since she graduated from university to her ending up in Greece and pregnant. Lily James does an amazing job of channeling Meryl Streep's original Donna and making it her own, young, fun version of Donna before she was working hard and raising her daughter.

The other half of the movie explores Sophie's journey with fixing the hotel and putting the island on the map, trying to honor her mother, and navigating her relationship with her boo, Skye.

What is so damn special about this film is that it's everything the original Mamma Mia was and more. More amazing songs from ABBA, more detail about the characters we love so much, more emotion, a deeper look into the history of Donna and her life before Sophie... I mean you name it: the creators gave us basically everything fans wanted.

Also, freakin' Cher is in the movie as the evil mother of Donna and grandmother of Sophie- so you know it's going to be amazing.

What also makes this movie so amazing is that it's still a musical after everything. Often times with movie musicals like these, you kinda forget that there was a musical before the film adaptation. As a person who loves musicals and stans musical theatre sooooo hard, I really appreciated how at the end of the film, they almost had a "bows" portion during the credits.

So if you plan on seeing it, DO NOT leave before the credits because you're in for a treat. Meryl comes back and the whole cast including the actors who portray the characters in the flashback portion of the film come together and sing "Super Trouper" a total bop from the first film, all together. if you've seen the musical you know that this is how they do their bows in the real show so it's really awesome that the creators didn't stray from the amazing story's origin.

Amanda Seyfried is an amazing actress and incredible singer, and does not hold back in this film okay? Normally i find her annoying, but the last scene of the film- i don't want to give this away because it's really a tear jerker- she gives her everything and boy... I don't mean to sound dramatic, but if the Oscars gave awards to films like this, she'd steal the show.

Christine Baranski and Julie waters are their lovable characters of Tanya and Rosie and absolutely kill it. If you thought they were relatable and hilarious in the first film, get ready for a new level of laughs and love from these two. The actresses who play these characters in the flashback portion of the film also do an incredible job of maintaining the characteristics of these characters that we love. You can see Tanya's flirtatious side as early as their performance at their college graduation and Rosie's lovable awkwardness.

I really can't say enough about this film. The only bad part about the film is that Hugh Grant cannot dance, but really is that a bad thing? I thought it was a highlight... I love that British man so much. And that Pierce Brosnan STILL can't sing - but hey we love a white actor trying to broaden his horizons am i right?

Anyway, if you're a fan of the first film, you need to get your ass in the theatre immediately. And if you haven't seen the first film, check it out on netflixx like right now... and then get your ass in the theatre immediately.

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