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For as long as I could remember I have helped volunteer. When I was younger my family would volunteer at nursing homes we would chat with the residents and occasionally play games and just be with them. And as I grew older I started to realize how much I loved helping others I would help volunteer in at the local senior center in Niskayuna, New York with my brother. I would also volunteer at my church such as helping with Christmas by getting toys and clothes for those in need, helping to feed the homeless around Thanksgiving time, I have altar served since I was in 4th grade.

Again, through my church I went on two mission trips one to West Virginia where we had to work outside in -20 degree weather from 7am to about 5pm for a whole week but it was well worth it especially to see the look of the family of the house were help building and their look of gratefulness and the other mission I went on was to the Dominican Republic where we again helped build a house where we had to work in blazing hot sun and again the look of the family when we gave them the keys to their brand new house was just amazing. So life changing.

After my experiences doing these mission trips I knew right then and there that I wanted to help others for the rest of my life. My whole family knows that I love to help others and so my parents suggested that I look into Social Work. At first, I thought social work was one of two things that it could be 1. the textbook definition of taking kids away from parents or families that are in an unstable environment and 2. Just person working in a school that helps kids deal with whatever may be going on in their personal life.

For the longest time I have wanted to be an elementary school teacher but once I did more research and started to fully understand what else a social work does I knew right then and there that this was the right profession for me. So I am happily studying social work at Sacred Heart University. When I graduate in 2020 I plan on moving to NYC and obtaining my Masters in Social Work (MSW) and then my ultimate dream is to work in a Children's Hospital down there but I, of course, will have an open mind and if it doesn't work out then I will find another job. I am excited to see what the future holds for me and how everything will work out.

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