5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Free Time

The semester has ended and students are headed home with nothing to do for a whole month. Most student will choose to sleep and lounge around their house doing nothing, but I have some tips to make the most of this break.

1. To prepare for the next semester, students can go ahead and organize notebooks or take this time to reorganize their material from classes the previous semester. If the class was in their major, their notes or projects can be vital for projects they may work on in the future. Many times classes piggy back off of one another and having those notes can be helpful. If they are organized, they will be easy to find for reference. They can also go ahead and create notebooks for each class to get ahead of the game.

2. Another subset of this is compiling these items into a portfolio. It is never to early to get one started as they are often asked for in interview processes, even for internships. Anything you have done pertaining to your major can be included

3. Another great way to spend a break is by giving back to others. Many local soup kitchens, homeless shelters and churches need volunteers during the holiday season to help accommodate those using their services. Many times volunteers need to be registered in advance or are needed more at certain times rather than others. A great way to avoid pitfalls is to call each location you are thinking about and ask when they need volunteers and if any type of paper work is required to volunteer.

4. Another place that many don't think about it nursing home and assisted living homes. A lot of times the residents don't have visitors over the holidays and can become very lonely.

5. One way to spend the break is by visiting with friends that are studying at different schools. Many times this a great time for friends to get together and catch up at local spots.

Whatever you do this break, don’t spend it doing nothing. There is a lot out there to do, from volunteering to preparing for the next semester. Make the most of your break this holiday season.

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