The end of the semester is hard. After Thanksgiving break (or maybe even before), no one wants to be at school anymore. On top of the lethargic attitudes surrounding us, professors are piling on papers, tests, and other forms of legal torture that seem to be in never-ending supply. I feel you, friends, and I am here for all of us in our time of need. Before you is a compilation of ways to make it through the last week or two of the semester.

1. Eat chocolate

Dark chocolate is brain food. Eat some before your test, while you're studying, throughout the day, and while you lay in bed at night crying. Chocolate is a cure-all. I'm convinced.

2. Watch funny videos

Whether it's Fail Army, little kids saying cute stuff, or your friends making fools of themselves, laughter is a great way to forget the pain of the test you failed this morning.

3. Take a break

Go take a walk outside (if Jack Frost hasn't shown himself yet), watch an episode of your favorite show, eat a snack, or hang out with one of your friends. Take some time to do something you enjoy. That paper will be waiting to loom over your head as soon as you get back.

4. Treat yo' self

Congratulations! You made it through your day that had 2 exams and a paper due! Now skip eating in the dining hall and go get food from your favorite place, or eat a bunch of ice cream, or buy yourself a new sweater, or go see a movie. Do something to reward yourself for all of that hard studying that you did time you sat with books open around you.

5. Naps

We all know that naps are a luxury that we can't afford during this time of the year. Well, I am here to tell you that that is exactly why you should take a nap! You're exhausted from all of that fake studying until 2 am. Take the next 30 minutes to curl up under a blanket and pretend that you can't hear those books mocking you from their place on the bookshelf.