As the New Year rolled in, it had me thinking about goals and what we want to accomplish in life. I believe that everyone should a bucket list, whether it be long or short. A bucket list is a number of experiences or adventures someone wants to do in their lifetime. My bucket list currently has 128 items. I know what you're thinking: Do you really think that you can do all of that? No, I don't think I can but the purpose of the bucket list is to have goals that you can slowly accomplish in your lifetime. I encourage everyone to have one. So here are the top 10 items of my bucket list:

1. Spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with friends

2. Learn how to surf and/or snowboard

3. Have someone throw a surprise party for me

4. Live off campus with friends

5. Get kissed in the rain

6. Visit Ireland and Australia

7. Donate blood

8. Have my own pet (preferably a German Shepard)

9. Fill a truck with blankets and pillows to watch the stars

10. Tell my parents I love them everyday

I hope this short list gave you inspiration to write your own!