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Make Dating Great Again

"4. Unconventional dates."

Make Dating Great Again
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It's not exactly a ~secret~ that dating in the twenty-first century is nearly impossible. Gone are the days of dating and courting and being truly emotionally invested in someone else, we're living in the days of "talking" and "hanging out" and severe commitment issues. This is never what dating was meant to be. Dating was meant to be and should still be something special, a process during which you get to really know someone. Here are seven ways we can Make Dating Great Again (just in time for Valentine's Day!).

1. Buying flowers.

Guys, this is a big one. Flowers cost like three dollars are Walmart and they're enough to keep a smile on a girl's face for at least two days. Flowers say, "I was thinking of you and I thought you might enjoy these!" This is good. This is what you want. Effort is key (and is what almost all of these tips have in common... Hint hint.)

2. Any kind of little surprise gift, really.

Men and women alike love getting random little presents. Show up with anything from food to socks (everyone loves socks) to a stuffed animal to their favorite candy and you'll be their favorite person for days. I know if someone showed up with Chipotle for me and was like, "I was picking up dinner and I thought of you," they could pretty much do no wrong for a good three days because I'd be so happy.

3. Picking them up for a date.

I'm guilty of this, but none of that "let's just meet at the restaurant" crap (unless it's an online person you're meeting, then by all means, don't let them know where you live in case they're ax murderers or something). Guys, go pick your ladies up in your car (or ladies, go pick up your men, it's 2018), walk to her door, and take her out. That little bit of effort will go a long way.

4. Unconventional dates.

Forget "Netflix and chill," because that's not really a date, that's just what you'd be doing even if you weren't having someone over. Take your guy to a local baseball game, take your girl to a museum, take your SO on a walk through the park or out ice skating or anything that shows you put some effort into them, really. Effort is key when it comes to dating, and being prepared with an idea for a date shows that you're really serious about the person you're seeing.

5. Not plastering your relationship on social media.

Sometimes private is meant to be private. I love posting pictures on social media and showing off whoever I'm dating, but there comes a time when you have to keep some aspects of your relationship to yourself. I don't need a snap of your boyfriend sitting on his couch every single time you see him, and I don’t need to know the intimate details of every fight you ever have. I don't need that much information about your life. Keep what's personal to your person.

6. Actually calling your SO.

In this world of texting and Snapchat and God knows what else, actually picking up the phone to call your SO, even if it's just for a quick check-in in the evening, shows a lot about who you are as a person. Everyone likes to be remembered, and a quick phone call is enough to show your SO that you value them enough to make time for an actual phone call.

7. Being down to frankly "DTR," even if it sucks.

Don't play games, don't beat around the bush. Tell me if you like me or if you're not feeling it or that you don't know what you're feeling (which is also a valid answer). Being honest is a major key to a good relationship. And even if you have to tell someone you're just not feeling them, which totally sucks for all parties involved, you'll both be better off for it because then neither of you will be wasting time with someone who just isn't that into them.

The biggest takeaway I want anyone to take away from this article is EFFORT. Putting effort into relationships/dating/life will make everyone exponentially happier. And more importantly, it's what everyone deserves.

Happy almost Valentine's Day!

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