10 Reasons You Should Make Your Bed Every Single Morning
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10 Reasons You Should Make Your Bed Every Single Morning

It's actually really easy.

10 Reasons You Should Make Your Bed Every Single Morning

I know, I know–it's a chore. It takes an extra five minutes of your morning, getting that fitted sheet on is a pain, and you're just going to un-make it at the end of the day. But at risk of sounding like your mother, you really should make your bed every day. And I'll do one better than your mother: I'll give you 10 reasons why.

1. It looks nice.

There is really nothing more satisfying than perfectly placed pillows and a neatly folded-down duvet. And after a long day, don't you want a nice, neat home to come back to?

2. It's a great feeling of accomplishment.

When you wake up to a full day of classes, exams, and papers, it's really nice to start the day successfully, even when it's something small. Making your bed will give you at least a little motivation to tackle the rest of those harder-to-handle tasks.

3. It's a cheat sheet to a clean room.

Trust me. Your room can be a wreck, but if the bed is made, it automatically looks cleaner. Plus it's a clean surface to throw all of those clothes onto as you try to get dressed.

4. Making your bed increases your productivity.

As college students, we all know the necessity of time management and productivity. You still might not accomplish everything on your mile-long to-do list, but you'll definitely get more done than you would without a made bed.

5. U.S. Navy Adm. William H. McRaven says so.

Don't argue with a Navy admiral . Just don't do it.

6. It's actually easy.

Would you not brush your teeth? Not wear socks? You do those things not because they're fun, but because they're easy habits that make your life better (and less smelly). So treat your bed the same way.

7. Climbing into bed at night will be so much more satisfying.

I don't know why this is true, but it is. Climbing into a freshly turned-down bed is one of the greatest feelings in the world. And life hack: it's even better with freshly shaved legs.

8. It actually helps your allergies.

When your bed is messy all day long, dust and allergens can get in it and make it an allergy hothouse. But with the blankets pulled up, that pesky cat hair won't be suffocating you in your sleep.

9. You'll impress any ~visitors~.

There's nothing less attractive than an unmade bed covered in Dorito crumbs, so when there's a chance that anyone else will see your room, just do yourself (and them) a favor, and make the bed.

10. It'll make your mom proud.

And who doesn't want to do that?

So do your mom, your significant other, your roommate, and yourself a favor: make your bed.

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