7 Ways To Make 2020 Your Year Because You Deserve It
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7 Ways To Make 2020 Your Year Because You Deserve It

New year, new me.

7 Ways To Make 2020 Your Year Because You Deserve It

Have you ever gone to the crowded gym on January 2nd just to find it empty by the 12th? Yeah, same. If you go to the gym regularly, you know not to go for the first week of January if you want to avoid the crowds. Resolutions can be difficult to keep and if you're like most people, your New Year's resolutions get broken about a week into January. The New Year represents new beginnings and a fresh start, so why not start by building some good habits in 2020? This year, focusing on self-care can lead to a transition to a successful and happy life. Here are 7 ways you'll want to start out the new year.

1. Put together a solid skin care routine, no cheat days!


Skincare is so important for your self-confidence! In 2020, clear skin is the goal, but it won't happen overnight. Make sure to consult your dermatologist to come up with a skin care routine and find some face masks that work for you. As always, moisturize even if you have oily skin (the winter months are especially rough). And most importantly, DRINK WATER!

2. Leave toxic people in 2019


This is such a huge step in learning how to love yourself. Honestly, just don't be around people who don't make you feel good. This could mean cutting off your vindictive ex, limiting time spent with negative family members, or cutting off that friend who won't leave their crappy relationship (no matter how many times they complain about it.) If you have a negative coworker or someone you're forced to be around, try to limit your conversations. It can be difficult to completely cut off negativity, but try not to buy into the drama. Surround yourself with people who value positivity and success in 2020.

3. Focus on your health and fitness, not the number on the scale


After all of the cookies and spiked eggnog we indulged in during the holidays, eating healthier foods and working on your fitness routine in the new year is essential. If you diet and exercise, you know how discouraging it could be when the scale doesn't match up with your hard work, but sometimes the scale doesn't show the whole story. If you focus on your health instead of the number, you'll be able to focus more on toning instead of just weight loss. So don't be afraid of gaining muscle, it's time to eat your spinach and do your squats, girl!

4. Build confidence with and without makeup


In 2020, build your confidence by being comfortable with or without makeup, plus it'll make those quick Target runs a whole lot easier. You are beautiful before and after applying your makeup, so don't feel bad about going natural every once in a while. Confidence is key!

5. Focus on you


Ah, my three favorite syllables, treat your self -- it's something I usually say right before buying that expensive bag or that vacation I've been longing for (Disney, 2020!) Everyone has something they've been eyeing since 2018; as long as you have the financial stability, go for it!

6. Kick your bad habits


Whether you smoke like a chimney or drink entirely too many Starbucks frappes, kicking your bad habits is a great way to start the new year. You'll feel way better about yourself and find new, more healthy ways to cope with stress.

7. Clean out your closet


Start fresh in the new year by donating old clothes and getting rid of things you don't use anymore. You'll feel a lot less cluttered when starting out the decade.

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