Truth Is, All Majors Are NOT Created Equal

Truth Is, All Majors Are NOT Created Equal

The reasons we should stop comparing English, science, and all other majors.


Throughout my life, I have come to the realization that I am not naturally talented in one specific thing. Some individuals are talented in athletics, others in art or performance, some in academics. For me, I noticed I was always slightly advanced in all things, (except athletics, I am a distance runner, but sports are not my future.) This always caused me to struggle in school, specifically at the beginning of college, as whatever I decided to put my effort into, that was the subject that I excelled in.

Balancing the act of advancing in all things becomes difficult when you are attempting to become a world known author while also attempting to be the first college student to discover the gene that determines sexual attraction. Slowly but surely, you run out of time, and you must prioritize.

You realize, no matter how much sleep you sacrifice, you can't become talented in all fields while attempting to further your progress in another. So, in order to become a successful science student, I couldn't spend my day's event planning for various non-profits. I had to choose.

In college, we all make those choices. Some people decide to major in English, others in Science, some in Theatre or Hospitality. There are so many majors that exist to grow individuals skill sets in a particular area. So why do we judge another major for attempting to expand their skill set? Now let me be perfectly honest in saying, I'm biased when it comes to science majors, because I am a science major, and well, that ish is HARD. But what is difficult is determined by the subject and the context.

My major is hard because it is mentally taxing. I spend hours upon hours having to make connections between things that seem completely unrelated and stare at a parental genetic analysis for hours with no final conclusion of who the father is. We have to memorize hundreds of terms. We have professors that hate us before they even know us because they want to weed us out. They want to know who is going to survive in medical school or in research, and they are preparing us for the harsh realities of our field. That if we make mistakes, it's not just a question we miss or a test we fail, its someone's life on our hands, and knowing that information is our responsibility. Saving people will be our responsibility. I understand that. I signed up for that the minute I decided I wanted to become a doctor.

Sometimes I really wish I would have a professor tell me to write a 15-page essay, simply because it SEEMS easier. Now, if you talk to an English major, I'm sure at least a few would tell you they wish they got quizzed on vocab terms instead of having to spend hours and days working on one final paper that's worth 100% of their grade.

My point is simply this, the difficulty of each major and the success of an individual in each major is all relative to the work ethic, natural skill set, and major related intelligence of the individual in that major, so stop comparing.

I can write a 1,000-word essay in 30 minutes if I have to. I can perform, or plan a special event for someone if they ask me. But will I be able to do it to the same level as someone who has majored in expanding those specific skill sets? Absolutely not. I decided on science. I decided to expand my skill set in science. I will never say that I am at the same skill level in writing as someone who studies Journalism, English, or any other writing oriented field, and neither should you.

No two majors are created equal, if they were, there would only be one subject to major in, and we would all graduate going into the exact same career. We make choices, and we learn, and no one major should be criticized for that.

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