To those of you that have clicked on this, I have a feeling you already know what I'm about to say. I know many people that have said this time and time again, but I'm here to say it once more, because it's seriously that important.

My major is not your choice.

These days it feels like if you aren't a pre-med or engineering major, you aren't relevant. Shoutout to my pre-med and engineering majors though, y'all are awesome and this isn't to shame you guys whatsoever. My point here is, though, that often times when I tell people that I've chosen a major that isn't automatically associated with money, they go on this spill about how unhappy and financially unstable I'll be.

Oh, really? OK so, let me get this straight... you would like for me to choose a major I do not excel in, am not passionate about, and have no desire to pursue so that I can have a few extra rooms in my house? Is that what I'm hearing?

Well, I'm sorry, but I'll take the struggle bus for a while if that's what I have to do. I have chosen my major because I truly believe that it's my calling. I want to make a difference and be a light. My major is essentially a large part of who I am because it's quite literally shaping my future. When you insult my major, you are ultimately insulting me and my ambitions.

This is not to say that high-paying jobs don't make a difference, because hello, of course they do, in big ways. This world needs doctors, lawyers, dentists and all of the above; but the world also needs teachers, nurses, journalists and everything else that is so deeply undervalued.

Many of us know going into our major that we will probably never be the richest one in the room; we know that. You do not have to consistently remind us. We aren't studying to become what we are for the money. We are working so hard in school because it's what was put in our hearts to do with our lives. It's what we love.

So please, for the sake of all of us in the "easy majors" or the "useless majors," hold your advice, unless we ask for it. I am exhausted with having to justify my major to those who are constantly putting it down. We realize many times these comments of warning come from a place of love, but it's hurtful and honestly belittling. No matter how much money we will or won't make, we know that what we are going to be doing matters to us. It will be worth it when we see the smiles of those we are serving. Stop shaming me because my passions differ from yours. Stop making me feel like all of the hours of studying, hard work and mental breakdowns that come with college have been for nothing.

Living your purpose will always be worth more than a number on a check. At the end of the day, I'm going to be happy with what I'm doing. Please stop putting me down for that. And for those of you who are doing what you are passionate about and will also be bringing in the big money, I couldn't be happier for y'all. We all have our own purpose, that's what keeps the world spinning. Stop with the comments, and just be happy that I'm chasing my dreams, despite the many voices telling me not to.