7 Reasons Every College Girl Needs To Travel To Maine
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7 Reasons Maine Is The BEST Place For Social Media-Obsessed College Girls To Take A Tech Break

The scenery will make you (almost) forget your phone ever existed in the first place.

7 Reasons Maine Is The BEST Place For Social Media-Obsessed College Girls To Take A Tech Break

I went on vacation this year with my family to woodsy Maine and it was the best way to get away from society and really take a break from technology. There are many things that make this lovely state so special!

Here are some reasons why you should take a road trip to Maine asap.

1. The Lovely Night Skies


Maine is not highly populated, therefore there aren't a lot of lights, allowing for breathtaking night skies.

I have lost count of how many shooting stars I have seen, and am even able to say that I have seen Jupiter.

Going out at night and laying on the dock looking up at the billions of stars is something that everyone should do at least once in their life.

2. The Great Seafood

Wikimedia Commons

I love seafood, and the seafood that Maine provides is out of this world. The lobster, mussels, fish, and so other seafood are mouthwatering and worth the trip.

Every year I eat lobster with my family and it is one of my favorite seafood meals, and even though the lobsters take a long time to cook, it's totally worth it.

3. The Hikes

Wikimedia Commons

There are numerous hiking trails that you can go on, and even though some take longer to get to, the views are always spectacular.

I have hiked up just a few of the many mountains in Maine and I have always had my breath taken away when I reached the top. Climbing up those steep hills also provides a solid workout!!

4. The Opportunity To Jump Off Bridges

This is the only time when I would answer yes to the question, "If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?"

It has become a tradition for my sister and I to jump off this bridge in Maine by the marina. Even though it's not extremely high up, I still always get the butterflies when I jump off it for the first time. But it's still something that must be done each year, and it's always fun in the end.

5. The Skiing


Maine is known for skiing, whether it is in the water or in the snow. Water skiing is something that I have been every time I've visited Maine for the past 14 years, and it is always something that challenges me to do better. Not only is it something fun to do, but it gives your body a full workout!!

6. The Small Town Market

Since the town of Lovell, Maine is so small everything is local, meaning everyone just wants you to enjoy your visit.

Every time I go into the market there are smiles on the faces of the people who work there, and they are always willing to help with anything that you need.

Also the muffins and donuts are the BEST that I have ever tasted, and my family says that the blueberry muffins are out of this world.

7. The Wildlife


When you visit Maine, it will be almost impossible for you not to see some kind of wild animal during your visit. Whether it's a turkey, mink, turtle, moose, or even bear.

There are always animals strolling around in the woods minding their own business, and if you are lucky you may even get a glimpse of some of them. It is so cool to see some of these animals in the woods, from a good distance of course!!

BUT seeing a moose is quite rare. My mom has been waiting to see a moose or four years, and a picture does not count.

She saw a baby black bear on one of her runs and, needless to say, she changed her running route the next day.

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