The 60 Most Relatable And Inspirational Lyrics From Big Sean's "I Decided" Album

The 60 Most Relatable And Inspirational Lyrics From Big Sean's "I Decided" Album

Big Sean is one of the best lyricists in my book.

"I Decided" is Big Sean's fourth album. This album is not like his other albums, it has a concept. He's telling a story of a guy that feels like he failed at everything in his life; his relationship with his parents, girlfriend, he’s not doing what he wanted to do as an occupation. But then something happens and he gets a second chance to do his whole life again. The album is him as a younger self but having the wisdom of an older version of him to make sure he doesn't make the same mistakes. Here are 60 lyrics from Big Sean's album that are relatable or inspirational.

1. "What am I really even doing?"

2. "God, I know we rarely talk, but every day I wake up I feel like, I feel like I blew it with my family, with her, these kids around me don't have no one to look up to."

3. "This ain't what I'm supposed to be doing in my life"

4. "I spent my whole life trying to improvise"

5. "Spent my whole life tryna find the light that's at the end of the tunnels, I should have realized it was inside"

6. "So lately I been trying to get what's inside outside"

7. "Slave master take our names, 5-0 take the shot, And young souls take the blame"

8. "But they can't take away the light"

9. "Even if you take away my life, you can't take the light, No matter how much they gon' shade you"

10. "Don't let them take away your soul"

11. "Don't let them take away what makes you whole"
12. "Last night took a L, but tonight I bounce back"

13. "God talk to me in silence, But I hear him every time"

14. "Never sold my soul, never will never have"

15. "When you stay that committed to it, you just fall down and never fall off"
16. "What I need? No favors"

17. "What happened to the humble attitude?"

18. "I've been talkin' to God like that's my therapist, I'm African-American in America; I ain't inherit shit, but a millionaire under 30, so he must be hearin' shit"

19. "I am the anomaly, never needed favors or apologies, that's my new lifetime policy"

20. "Be the GOAT while we alive; when we die, we gon' be the Gods"

21. "Bitch, I'm like your problems: self-made, meaning someone else's help ain't needed"

22. "I think I’m ready to jump out the window"

23. "The question isn't, "Do he love ya?" The question is, "Do ya love yourself?" You give the best advice to your friends and not take it for yourself"

24. "You need separation, you need recreation"

25. "Honestly I had to take the time to let my ego go"

26. "Sometimes it ain't about what we did or didn't do, It's about what we getting through"
27. "That chemistry means way more than anatomy"

28. "That you don't need a master's just to be a masterpiece"

29. "I realized time's the most valuable"

30. "Voices in my head sayin' I could do better, damn, voices in my head sayin' that I knew better"

31. "Doing every single thing my parents warned me about"

32. "Plus who hurt you don't let back in"

33. "Pay attention who you getting close with"

34. "Distance yourself from negative energy"

35. "Feeling like I'm in the middle of the ocean, you either drown or canoe through it"

36. "I know in life you either blow it or blew it, and at the end of life it's gonna feel like you flew through it"

37. "Thank you God for all my set backs, cause he the reason I'm able to get back"

38. "Didn't learn faith in school but that's what I'm testing the most"

39. "I'm a product of everything I go through"

40. "But it ain't just about how you just praise him in the building, It's about how you praisin' him while you out"

41. "You taught me to remember that when I get set back, been through the worst times to get the best back"

42. "You do the right thing, you know you inspire me, can't go wrong"

43. "My mama's the man of the house, Mama you too good for them men"

44. "I know I got problems communicating, I probably should've went to school, and got that degree in communications"
45. "I done made sacrifices, so many sacrifices"

46. "I done gave up so much free time knowing time ain’t free"

47. "To get ahead man you gotta make sacrifices"

48."Momma said it's gonna be whatever you let it be"

49. "It's some homies I grew up with that's dead to me"

50. "I cut the fuck shit drama out my energy"

51. "Focused on the inner me, never on the enemy"

52. "The devil had entered my soul, my momma had beat it out me"

53. "Remember my grandmama had told me you better be somebody"

54. "Why can't y'all recognize that we all came from sacrifice?"

55. "I know my great, great, great aunty was a slave, I could only imagine all the sacrifice she made, I could only imagine all the shit she had to take, I'mma make sure all the blood she gave wasn't in vain"

56. "I pray to God you never let the little things in life distract you from the bigger picture"

57. "God talking to me telepathic like it only happen if you let it"

58. "With all the work that's goin' on I feel like this is like my second time doin' it so I know that sound crazy but, you know I just I don't know why I always imagine myself as like someone who failed at everything he ever did at life you know and I got to the end of life and just regretted it all and somehow, this is my chance to go back and get it all right."

59. "I guarantee we'll live life to our best potential"

60. "It's all about living in the moment. Period"

Big Sean always has lyrics that inspire people or are relatable to everyday life and this album was more proof of that.

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And I'm still reminded

Maybe she's best in dreams

She's still the best I've seen

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Another try, another go

Never thought you'd feel this low

Another dream put to bed

After all this time, it turns all you had

Cover Image Credit: The Founder of Myself

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