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If you have not watched "Luke Cage," then be prepared to get a brief summary of the season.

After binge-watching "Luke Cage" for a day, I gotta say that this season was better than the last one. I think this season had more powerful lessons in it than the first season.

In this season, every main character seems to be struggling with the same life lesson. Each character is having trouble accepting who they truly are. While they have trouble with that lesson, they also have trouble with another lesson that often comes with it, which is accepting your truths of your past.

This season is interesting because the characters start to realize how much their present life and the events that continue to happen are forcing them to accept the truth and accept what they do not what to. They start to realize this because they see that their past is in some way, shape, or form causing more harm to their life every time they are trying to find ways to make their life better.

For me, the characters I enjoyed the most that were coming to understand this life lesson was Luke Cage and Mariah. I think with Mariah, she had been trying so hard her entire life to not become her family's history that she realized that she was starting to become the people she tried so hard not to be like. Luke Cage was trying so hard to not deal with his past and the things that hurt him that he became his hurt and in turn, he ended up hurting the person he cared for the most.

I think this season focused a lot more on self-awareness and self-understanding because, in my opinion, this season focused a lot on the characters thinking about their own individual lives and trying not to put caring for their own lives over caring for the lives of others and vice versa.

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