If you have yet to hear of the thrilling, thought-provoking, and binge-worthy show "Lucifer" then keep reading. "Lucifer" was originally produced by Fox and was under their production for a solid three seasons that will no doubt draw you in, but the fourth and most recently released season was produced by Netflix.

The show revolves around the main character, Lucifer, of course, who is the actual Devil and has decided to leave Hell to live out his life in Los Angeles. Just as you would expect, the show is definitely interesting with such a character: he's charming, reckless, loyal, and many other characteristics that you'll just have to watch to find out. One thing is for sure, however, he no doubt keeps the show interesting. Don't fret though, that's not all that this show is! Each episode also involves a murder-mystery to be solved.

It's not all dark and dramatic either, though, because it's definitely a comedy as well. I don't mean one of those comedies where you just chuckle or smile at the pun or joke, this show actually has me laughing out loud at moments. So, in my opinion, it's got everything you need: laughter, mystery, drama, and characters you will become attached to.

How did Netflix step up their game? You may be wondering at this point, considering all I've discussed is the plot of the show. Here's how: they stood up and grasped an opportunity that if they fulfill appropriately, their profits will skyrocket.

Fox had decided to end "Lucifer" with season three, but fans objected to the ending immediately. I certainly did when I first watched the show on Netflix, but Netflix paid attention to these protests and made the correct decision in first buying rights to the show and then continuing with it for a fourth season. In my opinion, they certainly tied up the loose ends Fox left poorly, but they also gave themselves an opportunity to continue the story if need be. Netflix has not yet announced whether they will continue the show with a fifth season, but if enough people invest in "Lucifer," I have a feeling that a fifth season will be right around the corner.

Netflix also succeeded in naturally continuing the show. I had no idea that it was produced by a different company until after watching the new season and looking up to see if there would be a fifth. The mystery, humor, and storyline are all still there in the new season and if anything I think they made the show even better.

If all of this is not enough for you to give "Lucifer" a chance, then listen to this. This is the only show where I literally cannot get enough of it. It kept me hooked and I would literally have to tell myself that I could not watch another episode that night because if I did, I'd be up all night. It is ravishing and intriguing and you should no doubt give it a shot. The fourth season of "Lucifer" was released May 8th and by the 9th there were already tons of reviews and praises from fans raving about the continuance and hoping for another season.