Student Groups You Always See On LSU's Campus
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If You Go To LSU, You've Definitely Seen These 10 'Cults' On Campus

These cliques are groups of people that you simply cannot miss around LSU's campus.

group of LSU students

A while back @soniasideup tweeted this tweet listing the different types of "cults" at LSU. I want to further explain what each of these groups is and what they mean to our campus. These are groups of people who are very well known around LSU and even Baton Rouge. They tend to be pretty exclusive, so if you find yourself among one of these cliques, be aware.

Even though I'm joking about these groups, I still have to give them some credit. They all are involved on campus and have found a group of people they can relate to. No matter how cliquey LSU can be, if you find your people and you are genuinely happy, you can't complain.

1. LSU Ambassadors

We all know who they are. You can spot the ambassadors from a mile away in their bright yellow polos. But, I have to give this group some credit, it takes a lot of time and effort to learn all the details they have to know about LSU. A big campus with a great deal of history seems very overwhelming to represent. Imagine the questions they get during orientations and tours! So, of course, this group has a very strong bond.

2. Freshman girls who live in Miller Hall

The girls that fell for, "You're not gonna make friends if you don't live in a dorm that has public bathrooms." These girls are very outgoing social people that came to college for friends and are always repping Greek life.

3. People from Texas

"Everything is bigger in Texas."

Well, this is a HUGE group on campus. Students from Texas love to let you know about their hometown and why their state is obviously superior.

4. Pre-med biology majors

These people tend to bond over late night studying and research labs. Often found competing against each other for med school, but at the same time pushing each other for better opportunities and often make medical puns that no one gets. Pro tip: you have to just awkwardly laugh.

5. Dance Marathon

Don't get me wrong it's all for a good cause, but these people are just high off life. They are like the energizer bunny. Finding any opportunity to squeeze in "FTK" and wearing tie-dye and bandanas. They definitely aren't afraid to embarrass themselves to raise money for the kids!

6. Manship School of Mass Communication

This group strives to get the perfect angle and Instagram feed. Always looking for the next move to move up in the world and they can always be found competing/studying together in the library or Manship building. They're always looking for ways to boost their resume or find a way to become Insta famous!

7. Tigerband

Where the phrase, "one time at band camp," is commonly heard. They're music dedicated people who love their school but tend to keep to themselves because it's just too hard to explain all their memories and inside jokes to outsiders

8. People who hammock in the quad

These people are always a mystery to me. Hiding so low in their ENO, but you always wonder why they aren't as stressed as you. They are always so mellow and napping. Do they have classes? Do they study?

The world may never know.

9. Student media

Student media is basically like a close-knit family living in the basement of Himes Hall. They spend 24/7 together, covering all the news and staying up late making sure everything gets completed. They see every side of one another, but they have to deal with each other due to their responsibilities.

10. People who never miss a day at the UREC

These people are sporting their LuLu Lemon and bro tanks to show off their best muscles. Probably mixing their protein drinks by the lockers and socializing over leg day. A few of them may even have an Insta to show off their work out routine making you feel like you need to workout too.

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