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My Heart Will Always Be Ever Loyal To Kappa Delta

"Out of such pure and simple beginnings, grow great and wonderful things"- Lenora Ashmore Blackiston

My Heart Will Always Be Ever Loyal To Kappa Delta
Nicole Malette

On October 23rd, 1897 Kappa Delta was founded by four incredible women in Longwood, Virginia. 121 years later we look back to our founding sisters and hope that we continue to make them proud by continuing with the ritual and tradition that they worked so hard to create. Here is why I choose to be a Kappa Delta

1. Philanthropy

Kappa Delta has two philanthropic organizations that we support: The Girl Scouts of America and Prevent Child Abuse America. We work to instill confidence in young girls by working with the Girl Scouts and we raise money to end child abuse across the country. As someone who wants to one day work with foster children, this philanthropy is for me.

2. Leadership

As soon as I was initiated into Kappa Delta I immediately became our Shamrock Chair and organized a silent auction that raised nearly $30,000 in one afternoon for Prevent Child Abuse America. 80% of that stayed right in my home state of New Hampshire and went to the local branch of PCAA, the New Hampshire Children's Trust.

3. History

Being apart of an organization that has been around since the late 19th century is so incredibly special. I am bonded with sisters from all over the country and throughout the last century. We are joined by Miss America Cara Mund, entrepreneurs Patricia Politio Miller,- founder of Veraa Bradley, and Suzy Spafford Lidstrom, journalists Brooke Anderson and Lara von Seelen Spencer, architect Janet Marie Smith, astronaut Bonnie Dunbar, baker Patricia Wood Barnes, author Pearl Sydenstricker Buck, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Ruth Johnson Colvin, CEO Lynn Martin Doughtie, artist Georgia O'Keefe, Highest ever ranking female Army General Claudia Kennedy, Basketball Hall of Famer Gloria Ray, and my personal hero Leigh Anne Tuohy. Not to mention tens of thousands of other women who have impacted our world in one way or another.

4. Sisterhood

Kappa Delta has the greatest sisterhood in the world. Our ritual may bond us, but in the end we choose to be sisters and best friends. Kappa Deltas are known to be close forever and it is almost unheard of to not have at least one sister in your bridal party at your wedding. A sorority isn't a four year commitment, you get to be in it for your whole life.

Continue to always be honorable, beautiful, and highest and remember to throw what you know today of all days! (The K is your right hand, ladies!

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