Loving Yourself Should Come Before Anything Else
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Loving Yourself Should Come Before Anything Else

One thing college has taught me is how important it is to take care of yourself.

Loving Yourself Should Come Before Anything Else
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After being in college for over a year, I feel as though I am a true independent. I have learned the art of taking care of not only others, but also myself. I know how to dress appropriately to face the writhing heat of summer and the coldness of winter. I know how to take care of myself when sick and when it is necessary to seek medical attention. I have learned how to eat healthier and how important it is to exercise. How to take care of my body and those around me in any situation. How to deal with roommates and how important it truly is to keep your room clean. I even make my bed on my own each morning without an adult telling me (Mom, your years of telling me to do it paid off).

The biggest lesson I have learned while away at school is self-care. I don’t think I ever realized in high school how much I depended on my parents to take care of me when I was sick, or hurt, or even just frustrated or confused. I depended on my parents to make me dinner and to tell me to be productive. I depended on them to make sure I got everything I needed to get done accomplished before I went to bed each night. They were the reason I did everything I did and finished everything on time. They were the reason I stayed healthy, fit, and proactive.

Going to college, it takes about a semester and a half to figure out how to live on your own. You think you have it all figured out until a new situation arrives. Making decisions solely on your own is actually terrifying. Especially when you're an indecisive person. I was so used to asking my parents for a second opinion, but knew it was time to start making these decisions on my own. I decide my schedule every day now. I decide what homework I accomplish each day, when I need to wear a jacket to class, when I am too sick to go to class, when I deserve a night out. Deciding these things may seem minor, but it is actually a lot of responsibility to learn how to prioritize things. Luckily, I can say I have figured this all out.

In college you learn to love yourself. You learn that “taking care of yourself” is actually a huge responsibility. You learn that taking care of yourself comes first, above everything. Loving yourself is extremely important. I know we aren’t all comfortable in our own skin, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create a healthy environment and lifestyle for yourself. So make sure you get your homework done, only skip class when it’s necessary, and being responsible and staying in for one weekend won’t kill you. It may be hard, but college is our time to grow up and take responsibility. Show your parents that they have taught you well. You can be clean, make your bed, and take care of yourself. Love yourself and you will live happily.

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