We're all aware of those weird marks, skin discoloration, awkward curves, uneven proportions the mirror we're faced with reflect. We're aware of the beauty standards that have been implemented within every society, and we're aware of the "flaws" we're possessed with that makes us believe we're not on that same spectrum. Although you might argue that there are many people who aren't affected by such weight of commentary, the reality is that a vast majority of people are. We allow the opinions of others to take a toll on us in such a manner that it drives people to wild alterations. As of recently, I've noticed that the media has been more body positive. There are blogs, pages, and movements dedicated to it yet there are still people who don't understand the message. Just like there is a lot of body positivity, there is a lot of slut-shaming, fat-shaming, and body-shaming.
WE need to make that change as a whole, because it's important that we absolutely love this body we're given, despite our circumstances.

I've been privileged with never having to worry about "excessive" weight gain or a store not carrying my size or a disability that makes daily activity impossible, so I cannot speak for those people who have had to deal with that their whole lives. I cannot be a voice for those people who are constantly shamed for living with something they simply cannot control. However, I can be a voice for the generation that strives to change that.

The heart and soul of body positivity comes from within, but our environment plays a huge role. We need to be surrounded by people who provide that comfort and that support in all aspects; unfortunately that is not always easy for everyone.
The greatest thing one can rely on in those moments is the love they hold for themselves. Nobody is going to love you the way you love you. We're aware of those bad days. We've seen those parts of ourselves nobody else has had the privilege to, and that's the greatest thing. Finding it in yourself to look past those self-identifiable flaws is by no means easy, but it's not impossible. Whether that means getting past a weird blemish or looking beyond your unusual habits, for you.You matter and those worries are tiny compared to what the universe holds in store for you regardless.

Although I wanted to make this in hopes of rekindling a love lost, I wanted to address how prevalent this is for certain groups of people as opposed to others, however every single crevice of a body-positive drought is important to heal. There are people who are victims, and in result feel damaged in a way that makes them think they're not worth the love. There have been people who have fought and protested just to have the right to love themselves and others. The truth is, we're human and we deserve to feel cherished and loved every second of every day regardless of who we are.

Loving the skin you're in is a not a message of forgetting we have flaws, that we have made mistakes, or forgetting everything we are to feel comfortable; it is about loving ourselves with all those faults included. It is about looking forward to living, because we realize how much we're worth it. Loving the skin you're in does not mean forgetting you have human characteristics, it's embracing every single freckle, roll, lump of skin you have. Take this time to treat yourself well. You deserve that endless good karma, and people who treat you right.