I Really Must Love My Siblings
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To The Three Amazing Brats I Call My Siblings

I am proud to be your big sister.

To The Three Amazing Brats I Call My Siblings

Growing up, I was basically treated like an only child. I got the Halloween costumes I wanted and pretty much had that only kid vibe my whole life. It wasn't until I was introduced to my three favorite brats that I saw that feeling of only child being replaced by big sister.

If it weren't the way Lilith says "ce" instead of "it's," or the way Aylin would snuggle right up to you to watch basically any movie, or even the way Isaiah makes every Lego creation you can think of and shows everyone of them to whoever he can, my life would be drastically different. Becoming a big sister for this trio of laughs makes the irritating things they do bearable.

Lilith is a three year old, stay at home toddler with the most beautiful blue eyes. They make me I remember the first time Lilith gave me her look. You see, my sister eats EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. So her look isn't just a normal cute toddler look, it's the "please Bella, I want what you're eat look," but cuter than it sounds.

Anyway, she gives me this look as I'm sitting down to about to eat chicken nuggets and watch TV with my mom when it happens. She saunters over to me and in her best toddler voice says "what's sat?" and bats her eyes at me. She knows what it is, but she asks anyway. Then it happens. She tilts her head ever so slightly, widens her eyes just enough and says in a pouting voice "Bella, I want some please." I was in awe of her technique. It was fantastic!

Aylin is a school-going 7 year old. She apparently has about 12 boyfriends (all of whom I told her were just friends that happen to be boys). She's at that stage where she likes to put her feet on me even though I abhor feet. She also loves to take baths and be dependently independent. I find it adorable and annoying at the same time.

Some of the best traits in Aylin are a lot of the traits I had as a little kid, and it's amazing how much I actually learn from her because she is looking up to me. Aylin and I always agree on movies, and if she doesn't agree right away, she always ends up agreeing because she likes to watch what I watch.

Isaiah is the 10 year old man of the house (in training). He is the one that acts most like me now. He "knows everything," and if he doesn't know, he then has to find out. He is the smaller, male version of me. I have a problem with my anger sometimes, and as Isaiah starts to get old and more dependent, I see him working on the same issue in similar ways as me.

He is the random fact generator or the Lego builder or the Pokemon master. Whatever he does, he wants to share with others and tell them how to do so as well. Isaiah is the little brother I think I need sometime because he is a goof ball at times, but he is super sincere when he knows I am upset. Always ready to learn new things, he is my guinea pig in some scenario, and he loves to be the first out of all three to learn something.

In all, I love and favor all of my siblings in different ways. All at different levels and all with different kinds of love. For Lilith, it's learning love because she's growing and learning. For Aylin, it's dependent love because she needs me in some situations. For Isaiah, it's a likeness love because we are similar and we butt heads on it, but I still love him.

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