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I'm In Love With My Interracial Relationship

All relationships are beautiful.

I'm In Love With My Interracial Relationship
Clariza Adao

Interracial relationships were not as common in the past, but they are becoming more popular. As someone who is in an interracial relationship, I can say that being in an interracial relationship is nothing exotic. However, I think there are a few unique aspects someone in an interracial relationship can relate to.

1. Learning a different culture


This is inevitable in an interracial relationship. Learning a different culture entails exposure to the music, language, food, and many other cultural aspects! The experience is fun because there is always something new to learn. No doubt between you and your significant other's newfound cultural knowledge will foster a stronger bond.

2. Family opinions 


Telling your family you're dating can be nerve-racking. Some families will be more accepting and your relationship is normal, which is wonderful! However, there are a lot of traditional families who might not understand the concept of interracial dating. Traditional families typically have little to no exposure to interracial dating. The best you can do is to educate your family about interracial relationships. Regardless, your family should support your happiness no matter what.

3. Societal pressures 

shut up

Interracial relationships are becoming more common than ever. Therefore, it is more acceptable to be in one. However, this acceptance is not universal. Not everyone loves interracial relationships, which can be frustrating. Everyone has the right to love whomever they want. The best thing to do is block the haters, mind your own business, and continue loving each other.

4. Open-mindedness 

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Open-mindedness is a universal necessity in every relationship. This is emphasized in interracial relationships because you and your significant other are constantly learning about each other's backgrounds. You cannot be color-blind when you enter an interracial relationship. Instead, an inclusive environment needs to be established for both parties to discuss race. It's an opportunity for couples to be more aware.

5. You'll find love 


Love is unpredictable, yet beautiful. You never know who will you fall in love with. Once you do find the one, you won't let them go. You both will forever be best friends facing the world together.

Being in an interracial relationship is not a big deal, and it does not solve racism. Anyone has the right to love whomever they want, regardless of race, gender, and class. If there is a genuine connection in the relationship, then it's a beautiful relationship. Don't let the difference in identity get in the way of finding true love.

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