Defining Love

When I was younger I thought love was something experienced by Disney princesses and princes. I had waited for that "Disney princess" moment my entire life. Love has been my ultimate goal, and I knew someday I'd have that. Coming from high school sweetheart parents, love has always infatuated me.I always wanted that feeling I got to see on my parent's faces every day. What is love anyway, though? What is that feeling that makes you look at each other with complete fascination? I asked 9 people and here are their answers:

1) Caelen Craver, who is 19 and has been in a relationship of 2 months:

"Love is when there is no doubt in your mind that they are the one, you don't think about being with someone else in the future, it's just them. Love is when that person is your driving factor in life they make you a better person, they make you think of the future. Love is when you truly think of your life as a void without that person."

2) Lindsay Bejcek, who is 30 and has been In a relationship of 2 months:

"Love is knowing that person is your best friend in the entire world. They're your partner in crime, biggest support system, and can never fail to make you smile. They know when you're hurting no matter how good you are at hiding it and they will do anything to fix that. They are your everything, you cannot imagine life without that person."

3) Ali Medders, who is 22 and is in a relationship of 6 years:

"In a nutshell, I would say when you imagine your future and can't think of it without that person."

4) Justin Bejcek, who is 25 an is in a relationship of 6 years:

"Someone you can't live without, share similar values with, that you get along with the majority of the time, and the other person can compliment your positives/negatives and vice versa. "

5) Jonah Phillippi, who is 20 and single:

"Better than any drug in the world, it just makes everything seem a bit brighter. You can't explain it but for some reason having them around just makes you happy for no reason. It's one of those things you don't appreciate it as much until it's gone and the more you love someone the worse you can hurt each other. It's an unconditional feeling that makes you put your own self-interest aside in accordance with the other person's interest, needs, and desires."

6) Sophie Bejcek, who is 12 and single:

"Butterflies, a spark when you kiss, wanting to be around them 24/7 even when they're very annoying. Having a connection between each other that no one else has, loving every date no matter what you do."

7) Sharon Bejcek, who is in a relationship of 34 years, 27 of which she's been married:

"It all started with a mullet and parachute pants and a really cute boy in my 10th grade geometry class who made my tummy flutter. Love is finding the similarities and rejoicing in the differences. When you have love you're never alone. The best part is knowing the things that should make you want to leave, make you better in the end. They make you better in the end. If I could only use one word I'd use 'sacrifice.'"

8) Natalie Coleman, who has been married for 8 years:

"Love is home. Being home, coming home, finding home. Losing love is like never feeling at home again."

9) Grant Luisi who is 20 and single:

"An intense feeling of deep affection....that's bullshit! Not because it's not true, but because it falls miles short of the true meaning of love. That's the definition google provides for the word love. Love is far more than that. Love is not just an emotion, nor just a feeling, it's an overwhelming, unavoidable, unexplainable desire that every human being has been exposed to in some form or fashion. Love is everlasting. It's complicated but rudimentary at the same time. Love consists of every human emotion known and unknown to mankind. Because of this, it's unexplainable. It's impossible to define love as Google proposes. In short, love is an inherent quality that every human has the opportunity to portray. The way love is portrayed however is anything but consistent. Because of this inconsistency love will never be defined by a single definition but rather the collectively inconsistent, overwhelming, unavoidable, and unexplainable sensation that we as humans are privileged to enjoy."

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