Why Not Just Love For The Sake Of Loving?

Love. Noun:

A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

Love. Verb:

To have a strong liking for; take great pleasure in.

We, as humans, are indefinitely capable of having an everlasting love towards everything in life. It can be for absolutely anything, and the best part is that we get to choose where we give our love. Often, we hear people say they love the same thing time and time again:

I love my family. I love my friends. I love my health. I love my pets. I love my job.

Yes, those are all great things to love and yes, they should never be overlooked or taken for granted, but love goes so much deeper than any other human emotion at any level on any given day, place, or time. The ability we have to hold, notice, and appreciate the abundance of what surrounds us in life is unmanageable; as it should be.

Sometimes life gets in the way of life. Do not let this falter you.

You need no reason to love something. Its unexplainable, unpredictable, unorganized, and most importantly…remarkably, undoubtedly, amazing. Above, I mentioned two different definitions for the word “love,” but I have had the gratifying life experience to know that you cannot captivate the meaning of this word within a definition. Love is far too complicatedly beautiful to attach it to any other significance or implication that it may hold. Although the power behind the word carries so much with it, the rarity and uniqueness to the amplitude of things you can apply it to is unlimited. I’ve learned, slowly at first, but then ever so quickly, that you can love the simplest, most minute pleasures in life. It’s things we are surrounded by and participate in each and every day that we forget to be grateful for. What you choose to love is entirely up to you. There is nothing or no one that can tell you that you are wrong or mistaken about how you feel.

Love the beginning of everyday and that you get the chance to open your eyes in morning. And then love it for a second longer.

Love the wind in your face as you drive with the windows down in your car on a beautiful day.

Love the most comfortable pillow on your bed.

Love a body part, any body part, which allows you to have the ability to perform a physical action you enjoy doing.

Love the slobber from the friendly greetings of an innocent and untamed puppy.

Love the glass of wine you are lucky enough to savor at the end of a long day.

Love nature for its astonishing aptitude to be so beautiful, yet untouched or refurbished.

Love a picture…love all pictures. For a picture can speak a thousand words and hold memories that will withstand a lifetime.

Love the cold, the rain, and the dark because without them you wouldn’t understand the magnitude of happiness that comes from warmth, the sun, and the light.

Love the people you have the pleasure of spending your daily life with. They are the ones who shape you into the person you will one day become.

Love the smile of someone you care about, one day it may not be there.

There is so much on this planet we are offered and have the competence to take advantage of, so do it. Love to love, for the pure and wholesome sake that you simply just can.

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