All over the media, people are constantly complaining about being single or being alone. There is nothing wrong with being alone. Sometimes being alone is better, and it even helps you to find yourself. Complaining about being alone constantly is the first sign of being unhappy.

Being in a relationship is the most prime time for you to notice all of your faults and what you can and can not do. Your significant other is going to expect things from you that you have never yet experienced. A relationship comes with arguments, good times and bad times. A bad relationship could possibly put you in your worst state of mind and if you do not love yourself, this could damage you drastically.

How can you give out love to someone else when you do not even love yourself properly? You can't. You can't give out the love that you crave to someone else when you can't even give it to yourself.

It's okay to be single for months, even years. You matter more than anyone else should ever matter to yourself. It's okay to be a little selfish, especially when it comes to your happiness.

You also can't expect someone to love you a certain way if you can't fully give them the love that they need either. Don't ever expect what you can't give.

So for those of you that are single, it's okay. Don't seek the attention that you're craving when the one true person that can give you the attention is yourself. The best relationships come from those who love themselves first and can share their love with each other.