Love, Your Best Friend

Love, Your Best Friend

If everyone had a person like you in their life no one would ever be said again.

There is no combination of words I can use to even begin to thank you for all that you've done for me and continue to do for me. Our friendship came out of no where and every day I'm more grateful for it happening. If everyone had a person like you in this world no one would ever be sad again, that's why I'm one of the luckiest people alive.

It takes a lot to handle a person like myself. Let's face, it I'm a handful. There is no instruction manual on figuring me out, but somehow you got it down. I complain to you 24/7, I pull you out for spontaneous adventures, I even make you do ridiculous tasks with me, and somehow you still like me. Are my parents paying you? I have a problem with people walking out of my life and for once I'm not scared to lose you because you are my truest friend. If you would have left, it would have been a long time ago. You do the things most friends don't do. Not everyone goes out of their way for people they care about.

Through the short time that we've know each other I have learned so much about myself and you're to thank. I have learned that I am beautiful, even on my bad days. I can bring smiles to people's faces, even when I'm not happy myself . I am a good person no matter what others have to say. If there wasn't a "Dayla" around a lot of people would be sad too. You opened my eyes to these wonderful things I didn't know, and still continue to teach me.

One of the key elements to our friendship would have to be our car drives. Never in my life have I driven around aimlessly for hours talking about my hopes, dreams, and fears with someone. I rarely give anyone that kind of power to hurt me. Instead of hurting me you listened to me. You listened to my life story and know the book cover to cover. Thank you for teaching me how to laugh sincerely about life and life's problems. Not everything in life has to be taken super serious. Every time I'm upset I somehow find a way to laugh about it. I call you up, we go for a drive and you laugh with me. These drives have now turned into our little tradition that we practice over summers or whenever we have time. As we get older I only pray that they don't stop no matter how busy we get.

To put it simply, I trust you with my life. I don't mean that lightly. If it came to a point where my life was in your hands I could completely trust you with it. You're the only person I've ever known that makes decisions that will over all build me up instead of breaking me down. Most people barely care about the consequences of their decisions with others, but you're different. My happiness, my mental health, and my physical health are all so important to you.

"Did you eat today?"

"You do whatever it takes to be happy."

"You're a great person, screw what anyone else has to say!"

Every since you entered my life it has only gotten better. Sometimes I think of all the great moments I've had and they would not have been as great if you weren't there. Even in my worst moments weren't as bad because you were there for me. I want to continue through life making great memories with you. So thank you, for literally everything.

- Love, your best friend.

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