Love Where You're At

The popular topic right now is the election. It fills every news feed and every channel, it's the center of every argument and debate, and it's turning our world into a chaotic mess. Seeing people lose all faith in humanity and this world because the person they didn't want to win, won is what breaks my heart. I agree with most people who think neither Trump nor Clinton are fit to run our country. But guess what, they were our options and at this point all we can do is accept it. Instead of being upset about what happened, why don't we embrace what is to come. Why don't WE be the difference that we wish to see in the world. Love every race, every gender, every culture. Love gays, straights, bisexuals. Love those that view the world through a completely different set of eyes than you do. Love the fact that our world is filled with diversity and we are all ALLOWED to be who we wish to be. Trump may now "rule over" the US but God rules over all, and that is how I will sleep easy tonight and every night knowing that my fate is in his hands. Not trump's, not Clinton's. This my friends is every reason to love where you're at. This place is not our home people! Remember that!

Everybody in the world has a different story. Some people are at a point in their lives where they are the happiest they've ever been and are completely secure with themselves. Others are at a place of confusion, they are searching for who they are and trying to figure out their future. And some are at a dark place facing things that they never thought they would have to go through. No matter what category you fall under, or where you are in your life at this point, learn to love where you're at. Even if you are struggling to reach a goal, or feel like you are so far away from true happiness that you are close to giving up. No matter what is going on in your life, or what you have, or who is there for you, learn to love where you're at. We spend so much time saying "oh I will finally be happy with my life if this happens" or "if this person loves me then I'll love myself". Living that way will give other people the power to control your happiness. Learn to create your own happiness every day by loving where you're at. This doesn't mean that we can't cry, or get angry, or grieve and mourn things. Loving where you're at means accepting the pain, the heartache, the bad times, the victories, and the blessings. It means having faith that what is to come is so much better than what is. I know this is much easier said than done, but with practice it'll seem almost impossible to not love every minute of the life we were given. Every person in this world will experience difficulties and heartache but we are all also blessed by the knowledge that one day we will be in a place far better than we could ever imagine. That is every reason to love wherever you're at on your journey and to look forward to the great things ahead.

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