If You Two Can Survive The Worst Together, You'll Get The Best

Love sucks.

Heartbreak is a cruel reality.

And, relationships fail. They tumble to the ground burning in a million pieces. You fight and you grow to hate the person that you once loved. In a world where the divorce rate is exceeding 50 person and you either marry the person or lose them, why do we even both to venture down the path of love?

Why do we put ourselves in front of this cruel reality?

Listen. If we stopped when things got hard we aren't going to get anywhere. Falling in love and being in love is terrifying. Who knows why they don't consider romance movies at horror films, cause they are bloody terrifying. You are putting yourself so emotionally on the line and allowing someone else to play such a significant part in your life. You don't ever see the bad part coming. It sneaks up to you and like a b*tch bites you when you least expect it. You could be having an amazing year in your relationship and then everything falls apart. You look at your partner and just think how did that perfect person now has so many flows.

Well, news flash. They always had those flows. They were always broken, the same way you are broken too. You are entering a new stage in your relationship, the "Oh sh*T I'm dating a real live human being." It is not easy being in a relationship. You need to learn to adjust your life to theres and vise versa. Learning how to communicate as a team and grow together, rather then a part.

When that stage hits you and things get hard do not throw it away. If you love them, there is a reason why you still love them despite all the bad in the moment. If you go through the bad times together, it will bring out the best. Your relationship is not ruined, it may be broken, but all you need to do is start putting the pieces together. It takes time and effort, but that is what real love is. Looking at someone you love as they make you hate them so much and tell yourself that you two will work through it. If there is a reason still at the end of the night why you turn to them and can say "I love you" then there is a reason to still be there fighting for each other.

No relationship is perfect. My last long term relationship, we were considered goals and envied. It ended in flames of cheating, something nobody would have expected. Behind every closed door we have out secrets. Our little things that hide about our relationships. So, you see a relationship and you wish your partner was more like theres, well, sorry chances are their partner isn't much more perfect then your own. We all have our own flaws. Learning to live and grow with them is what is going to make your relationship stronger.

When you feel that things are in a hopeless darkness, look into the faith of the love you have for them. Love is there for a reason. It was pushes us when things seem hopeless.

Pushing through that dark barrier of your relationship will bring you two together more and you will learn so much more as working as a team. You can't be one sided in a relationship, you need to brace the reality that your life is one of two merging together. And if you can face the dark times together, you can conquer anything as a couple.

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