28 Best Country Songs About Relationships
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28 Country Songs For When You Miss Your Boo That Take You Back To 'That Mango-rita You Were Drinkin'

"Wherever I go and whatever I do, I was born to love you..."

28 Country Songs For When You Miss Your Boo That Take You Back To 'That Mango-rita You Were Drinkin'
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We've all been there. Just laying in bed and you're missing your S.O.

While you sit there, wishing you were with them, you wonder what you could do to make it a little less sad that you aren't with them. Instead of blowing up their phone with text message after text message, put on that country playlist and sing your heart out.

When you listen to the songs that make you think of all of the amazing times you share together...that sad missing you feeling will change into a self-reminder that you are so thankful to be with them.

1. Blue Tacoma - Russell Dickerson

2. Cowboys And Angels - Dustin Lynch

3. Honey Bee - Blake Shelton

4. Unforgettable - Thomas Rhett

5. Born To Love You - Lanco

6. In Case You Didn't Know - Brett Young

7. Wanted - Hunter Hayes

8. Beat Of The Music - Brett Eldredge

9. Do I Make You Wanna - Billy Currington

10. From The Ground Up - Dan + Shay

11. God Gave Me You - Blake Shelton

12. Yours - Russell Dickerson

13. Love Like Crazy - Lee Brice

14. Crazy Girl - Eli Young Band

15. Head Over Boots - Jon Pardi

16. Who Are You When I'm Not Looking - Blake Shelton

17. Must Be Doin' Something Right - Billy Currington

18. Die A Happy Man - Thomas Rhett

19. Mean To Me - Brett Eldredge

20. Somebody Like You - Keith Urban

21. Somewhere With You - Kenny Chesney

22. Selfish - Stephanie Quayle

23. A Woman Like You - Lee Brice

24. Bless The Broken Road - Rascal Flatts

25. Who I Am When I'm With You - Chris Young

26. Amazed - Lonestar

27. This Kiss - Faith Hill

28. Don't Know Her Like I Do - Brantley Gilbert

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