15 True Love Stories That Will Melt Even The Coldest Of Hearts

I Asked 15 Couples Of All Ages To Share How They Met, And Their Stories Will Melt Even The Coldest Hearts

The rest is history.


Beware: If you hate the love and happiness, you are going to freak out when you read ahead. I had the opportunity to talk to some cutie pies of all ages and find out how they found true love.

1. These soulmates who prove that fate is real.


"It was Spring break March 20, 1984. Went to Fort Lauderdale with my friends. We were all getting ready to go out when our hotel door opened. ( doors were left partially opened because the floors were full of kids and we would all hang). Three guys came barging in 1 yelling that he had to use the bathroom ( he was a bit intoxicated ). It ended up that I knew he was best friends with my roommate. There were two others that were with him, Doug and Scott. Scott and I started talking and hanging out the rest of vacation. When we went back to school I asked him to a sorority dance and we started dating." — Nancy

2. This pair who shares a bit of a common interest.

"So my boyfriend and I met through rugby here at school. He was captain and president of the men's team and I was an officer for the women's team. Anytime we'd see each other we'd hug and chit chat for a bit. I realized that we played the exact same position, tighthead prop, and my heart began to flutter. Only props understand each other's pain so it was awesome to find someone that truly understood the true physical pain that came when playing that position. I finally built up the nerves to ask (aka force) him to dance with me and the rest is history." — Katie

3. These sweethearts who had an instant connection.


"So freshman year, I made some friends on the UA class of 2019 Facebook page; a lot of them lived in the same dorm as me and a few were on the same floor! I spent all summer talking with these guys (and gals) and had really gotten close to them. Move in comes around and I've met all my new internet friends and we are all having a blast.

When classes started I started seeing less of my new friends, so a week in I messaged one of my new guy friends Jim, who lived down the hall, to see if he wanted to hang out. He said yes and I went over just to chat because I had only seen him once since move in. I get there and he's showing me around, and he shows me his roommates rooms because they all had their doors open and really that's all I can figure about his motives, haha! There was only one other roommate there, so i felt a little bad about peeking in the other guys' rooms. Anyways, We come to the last room and he says 'This is my roommate, Alex's, room. I think you two will get along.' The first thing I notice is a HUGE tapestry of a big beautiful wave and a sunset... this tapestry matches the tattoo on my ankle perfectly. Immediately I was like oh my gosh I want to be this guy's best friend. So I go in his room and write a cute message on his whiteboard saying that I can't wait to meet him, yadda yadda.

Then, for some reason beyond me now, I SAT DOWN ON HIS BED. I just plopped right down. So I sat there and talked with Jim for a while about whatever, and then alex came home. He comes home and walks right to his room to find me laying on his bed and Jim leaned against the door frame! He was super polite and I was ridiculously embarrassed and taken aback because I thought he was so cute." — Harlyn

4. These sweethearts who found love when they least expected it.


"I had just gone through a heart-wrenching long distance break-up two months prior. That night, my Mom encouraged me to go hang out in the common room of my dorm instead of just sitting in my room. So, I baked some gluten free banana cookies. I read while they baked (... '50 Shades Freed') and, while I was reading, a flash of red skated by. That flash of red ended up being a tall ginger boy. For a few hours, I chatted with him and his roommates and played 'Mario Kart.' It turns out that he skated by because he got locked out of his room while doing laundry. Later that week, he texted me to ask me on a date. I was nervous to open myself up again, but my Mom encouraged me to say yes. We walked in a light snowfall to dinner and ended up chatting for, like, six hours afterward. Two and a half years later and here we are, deeply in love. He is my nugget. — Amanda

5. These two who showed that if it is meant to be, it will be.

"Once upon a time two teenagers fell in love. Saving herself for the marriage that she anticipated, she became pregnant. He didn't know, her mother lied. She was sent away. He moved on with his life because he couldn't find her. She had their daughter and gave her up for adoption. He went to Vietnam. She moved on. He moved on. Fast forward 15 years they found each other again. They reconnected, had blended families, and are living happily ever after." — Lorianne

6. These lovers who showed that last minute plans can be a good thing.


"Mike and I met at our friend Jeremy's party sophomore year. I did not plan on going to that party, but Andrew invited Abby and I last minute. I met Mike there. We hung out all night and exchanged numbers." — Megan

7. These two who are on different teams, except when it comes to loving each other.

"I was born and raised an Army brat, and I work on a Navy base in Texas. I made friends with some Navy pilots, who went to the Naval Academy (their rival is United States Military Academy aka Army, and I used to live there!). Well, they invited me to a bar to watch the Army/Navy football game. I was nervous, so I drank, a lot lol. Was crazy drunk but making friends with everyone. I don't remember meeting anyone, but this guy Alex! Later that week, I'm on tinder and realized Alex and I had been matched, for who knows how long. I messaged him asking if he remembered me and he invited me to a party at his house, I went, and hit it off with his roommate, Ben, who knew who I was. Apparently, I met him at the bar watching the game but did not remember. We talked every single day over winter break and have been dating since January 7th! We will be doing long distance for the next 2 years while I'm at Alabama. So worth it. And we have the best Army/Navy & Alabama/Tennessee rivalry going on!" — Kayla

8. This couple who loves spontaneous adventures.

"I was in New Hampshire visiting a friend. When we were leaving brunch, her coworker was crossing the street at the red Light we were stopped at, so I asked him if he wanted to go on a hike with us. We spent the whole day together and the rest is history." — Gabi

9. These lovebirds who have been connected for a long time.


"IDK if this is cute, lol, but Nate's grandparents and my grandparents have been friends since the '70s and lived in the same neighborhood up north. We separately have memories with each other's grandparents like his would come to our Christmases if his family wasn't in state and he went snowmobiling with my grandma when we were little. We met in seventh grade at our grandparents' church and then met again in ninth grade and had study hall and classes together but in 10th grade he randomly texted me and we started to talk. He is the first person that let me drive them around when I got my license lol." — Rachel

10. This couple who proved that sometime the long route is the best route to take.

"My roommate Sue was walking the long walk back to our apartment after buying her books a few days before our senior year of college started. A cute guy walked up to her and asked her to come have a beer with him and his friends, who were hanging outside of one of their houses. She said sure and joined them. Well, turns out that one of the guys dared him that he couldn't get the next girl to walk by to come have a beer with them. The only reason she said yes was that they were all lacrosse players and she actually knew several of them. They started going out right after that. They have been married 25 years and have two kids in college now. Both played lacrosse." — Debbie

11. These babes who found love on a "lame dating app."

"My coworker made me a dating profile on this app called "OkCupid" and I told her that's the lamest thing ever and I will never find someone on an app like that.... well three days later this guy messaged me and asked to go on a date and I was bored so I figured 'why not.' Well, we went out and actually had a great time and ended up going go-karting. While on the date he mentioned to me how he can't believe he met a girl like me on a stupid app called 'OkCupid" and I laughed so hard my drink came out of my nose.... and just like that a year and a half later, I am still with him. But the catch to this story is not many people know that we met on a "lame dating app" so we decided to make up a bunch of crazy funny stories about how we met and that is what we tell people instead of the app story and to this day we continue to keep the app story our little secret." — Lexi

12. This pair who literally walked into each other's lives.


"My SO was a pledge in my roommate's boyfriends fraternity. One day my roommate's BF came over and my SO was with him. He literally walked right into my life through my front door." — Bailey

13. These lovers who love the Crimson Tide.

"I went to an all-girls high school, my now husband went to our brother school, the all-boys school in town. His father taught my 11th grade English class. We knew each other, but not really. He graduated a year before me and came to Alabama. I wanted to go to Bama, but couldn't afford the out of state tuition. After failed first years at college, we both ended up moving back home. One day I got a Facebook message from him that said 'I'm sorry if this is weird, but you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen' — and the rest is history. We ended up moving back to Tuscaloosa together, I graduated from UA a couple of years ago, he is graduating this December. It's been eight years, married for four." — Lacy

14. This couple who really has been through the good times and the difficult times together.

"I met my girlfriend on Bumble when she was in my area for Thanksgiving with family. She was so beautiful in my eyes, I even purchased the pass for $7.99 that allows you to message the girl first. I had to get to know her. We went on our first date on my birthday. Decided it was a go. We've been together eight months, and she's battling cancer right now. If she makes it to next summer, I will propose and marry her. I've already bought the ring and all." — Tyler

15. These gals who proved that distance is worth it.


"I went to Army basic training and got injured. Because of my injury, I got held back a class when I graduated and went to AIT (my job school). My wife just so happened to be in my class and we were by chance placed in the same platoon, which meant we would see each other 24/7. Her barracks room was right down the hall from mine and we quickly became best friends. We did everything together and sat beside each other in our classes. We eventually caught feelings for each other and started dating. She lived in Boston and I lived in Alabama so it was tough doing long distance for a while. She eventually decided that the south was for her and she moved down where and we got married. She's still a New Englander at heart with her Bruins hockey and Dunkin' Donuts but we are living a happy life in Tuscaloosa." — Courtney

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9 Reasons Crocs Are The Only Shoes You Need

Crocs have holes so your swag can breathe.

Do you have fond childhood objects that make you nostalgic just thinking about your favorite Barbie or sequenced purse? Well for me, its my navy Crocs. Those shoes put me through elementary school. I eventually wore them out so much that I had to say goodbye. I tried Airwalks and sandals, but nothing compared. Then on my senior trip in New York City, a four story Crocs store gleamed at me from across the street and I bought another pair of Navy Blue Crocs. The rest is history. I wear them every morning to the lake for practice and then throughout the day to help air out my soaking feet. I love my Crocs so much, that I was in shock when it became apparent to me that people don't feel the same. Here are nine reasons why you should just throw out all of your other shoes and settle on Crocs.

1. They are waterproof.

These bad boys can take on the wettest of water. Nobody is sure what they are made of, though. The debate is still out there on foam vs. rubber. You can wear these bad boys any place water may or may not be: to the lake for practice or to the club where all the thirsty boys are. But honestly who cares because they're buoyant and water proof. Raise the roof.

2. Your most reliable support system

There is a reason nurses and swimming instructors alike swear by Crocs. Comfort. Croc's clogs will make you feel like your are walking on a cloud of Laffy Taffy. They are wide enough that your toes are not squished, and the rubbery material forms perfectly around your foot. Added bonus: The holes let in a nice breeze while riding around on your Razor Scooter.

3. Insane durability

Have you ever been so angry you could throw a Croc 'cause same? Have you ever had a Croc bitten while wrestling a great white shark? Me too. Have you ever had your entire foot rolled like a fruit roll up but had your Crocs still intact? Also me. All I know is that Seal Team 6 may or may not have worn these shoes to find and kill Osama Bin Laden. Just sayin'.

4. Bling, bling, bling

Jibbitz, am I right?! These are basically they're own money in the industry of comfortable footwear. From Spongebob to Christmas to your favorite fossil, Jibbitz has it all. There's nothing more swag-tastic than pimped out crocs. Lady. Killer.

5. So many options

From the classic clog to fashionable sneakers, Crocs offer so many options that are just too good to pass up on. They have fur lined boots, wedges, sandals, loafers, Maryjane's, glow in the dark, Minion themed, and best of all, CAMO! Where did your feet go?!

6. Affordable

Crocs: $30

Feeling like a boss: Priceless

7. Two words: Adventure Straps

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8. Crocs cares

Okay, but for real, Crocs is a great company because they have donated over 3 million pairs of crocs to people in need around the world. Move over Toms, the Croc is in the house.

9. Stylish AF

The boys will be coming for you like Steve Irwin.

Who cares what the haters say, right? Wear with pride, and go forth in style.

Cover Image Credit: Chicago Tribune

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Is Astrology Real?

After my roommate read me my natal chart I'm starting to believe it's real.


There are many misconceptions about whether or not astrology is real. For most people, religion comes into play which makes people believe astrology is a fluke and that God is the only one that can alter someone's life. Although I'm also a believer in this, my roommate decided to read my natal chart one night and now I'm starting to believe that astrology is anything but a fluke.

If any of you were wondering, a natal chart is a chart based on the time you were born and where you were born to show how each planet has and will affect your life.

One night, my roommate offered to read my natal chart after she told me that many of the readings she has done for other people have become true. Being curious, I told her my birth information and soon enough she had my chart pulled up and started to read everything that happened in my life and everything that would happen in the future. From my childhood 'til now, every single thing she described from my chart was true. Everything from family deaths, internal struggles and passions was spot on. I was a little hesitant to find out what my future holds, because I want to be able to find that out on my own.

To confirm my belief for astrology, two more of my best friends had their charts read and theirs were scary accurate as well. It's crazy to think that the time and place we were born can literally define who we are as a person. If you want to figure out what your chart looks like go to https://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php. I highly encourage you to find someone that knows how to read these charts so you can figure out how accurate your chart is as well.

I am very interested in astrology now and strongly believe that astrology is real.

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