Breakups are a simple part of life, but moving on and finding someone new can be both an exciting and terrifying experience. Exciting in the essence of meeting someone new, growing, falling in love, and creating all kinds of new memories, but terrifying in the essence that you could get hurt again, and be wasting time. But, when you meet the right kind of person, the fear dissipates and vanishes; never be afraid to fall again for someone new.

When you move on from a serious relationship, engagement, or similar, it can be extremely stressful, painful, heartbreaking. Personally, after my ex-fiance and I split, I never thought I would be able to find another person like her. I wouldn't be capable of truly loving another person. I would just tolerate someone's company for a while, but never really open up to them. Always too afraid to actually be open, or never comfortable enough with someone to be vulnerable.

It becomes a struggle sometimes to heal. To repair and rebuild all the pieces that were left behind, and return to being the person you used to be after it all. Rediscovering and reconnecting with oneself is both liberating and heartbreaking.

But all of that can change in a single moment. Bumping into each other in public, having a class together, or even letting your dog out the front door to your house for some reason as opposed to the back, and having him run right up to her, and almost knocking her to the ground. Dogs do know best.

That's exactly how my girlfriend and I met. My dog for some reason wanted to be let out the front door, as opposed to the back door to the backyard. He ran away and ran right to her out of all the people in her group. He almost knocked her down and kept wagging his tail and trying to be pet by her.

That was the moment all the songs began to make sense again. It was one of those "This Magic Moment" moments. She looked up to me and smiled, and asked if he was my dog. I told her, yes and we started talking. She asked if I had any plans for the evening, and I told her no. She asked me out to a party, and I went along. After the party, we all went to get food, and we found a stray cat. She and I cared for it and took care of it.

We began talking after that, getting to know each other, but I never thought I had a chance. "Why would a beautiful blonde girl want anything to do with a tattooed greaser like me?" was something I asked myself regularly. As fate would have it, she felt the same way. She thought I was out of her league. But, that didn't stop either of us from shooting our shot. After multiple dates and nights out, we made it official.

When the songs begin to make sense again, you won't be scared to become vulnerable. A simple love song will come on, you'll begin smiling, and you'll realize you have fallen for them completely. Let them spark those feelings again, and let the fire run wild. You will be able to open yourself completely to them. You understand that they could hurt you like those in the past have, but you know very well that they won't. Even if they did, it would be worth the pain.

Don't be afraid to fall in love when the songs make sense again.

"When she begins to rock, honey, I begin to roll."