A Love Poem for my Girlfriend

I love poetry. I love how romantic it can be and I love writing it. Poetry is an art of expressing feelings and hopes and dreams. I recently wrote a poem to my girlfriend, named Hannah. We have been together for a little over a year now and I have written many poems for her. This one is different though. It's more romantic and I think that it more accurately represents my love for her compared to my other poems. This poem is entitled, "Above the Clouds."

Above the Clouds

Tendrils of hair fall into my hands.

Honey from a colony of bees,

Preserving me in a crystal of amber.

I do not shift,

Though anxiety has previously

Found me when I cannot move.

This cloak is embraced.

It holds me safely,

Smelling of candy and forever.

I am swathed in her presence.

Bathed in her warm skin,

And touched by her beating chest.

This is a time,

Where I am in the universe

And not looking down.

Instead, looking up,

At her galaxies of stars

That swirl and glimmer as they look at me.

At her nebula of pink skin

That smiles down in the shape of a crescent.

I am alone. a body beating

In slow rhythms, waiting.

I am with her, a body humming,

A body singing, rising.

I am in the sky,

And she is the cloud I lie on.

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