No matter how many times I joke about it, I’m almost never proved wrong. I have the personality of Chandler. I’m awkward, make awful jokes, sarcasm is basically my defense mechanism, and sometimes I just say stupid things. But most of all, Chandler cares. There are probably more aspects of Matthew Perry’s character that I relate to more, but basically, the point I’m trying to make is that sometimes Chandler’s life is just too relatable.

Despite the fact that Ross and Rachel’s relationship continues to be a main subplot throughout the entire series, Chandler and Monica’s relationship doesn’t become a thing until season four when the gang went to London for Ross’s wedding. And yet, Chandler and Monica’s relationship takes an entirely different path than any of Ross and Rachel’s, Phoebe’s, and heck, even Joey’s (non-existent) relationships take.

I will say this: throughout the series, Ross and Rachel’s relationship evolves, but not in a way that gives it an impact like Chandler and Monica has; even Phoebe and Mike’s relationships takes a path where they take a turn for the serious. This is not to say that Ross and Rachel’s relationship is any less significant than the rest because they don’t end up married or even really in a relationship (but do they ever really fully break up? According to Ross they “were on a break!”).

There are so many moments where Ross and Rachel’s relationship evolves in a way that is almost heartbreaking and warming at the same time. It forms in a way from where Ross never gave up on her even if she gave up on him. His very obvious high school crush formed into a relationship that was full of love and even heartbreak. It had breaks where one was chasing after the other - your seemingly typical movie plot relationship.

The overdone breakups and the constant “we were on a break!” - don’t yell at me before you hear this. Ross and Rachel break your heart over and over again and the moments they warm it are so so so full of love and break your heart with the love you feel. This probably doesn’t make sense, but when I say this: I’m writing about the scene at the end of the series when Ross and Phoebe attempt to catch Rachel before she leaves for Paris. I don’t want to ruin anything so if you haven’t seen the ending (I don’t know why you wouldn’t have…), stop reading here.

Anyways, in the end Rachel leaves a voicemail for Ross about how she needs to get off the plane and Ross is left asking, “Did she get off the plane? Did she get off the plane?” You’re left in suspense right before you hear the saddened, “I got off the plane." Just the suspense, the tenderness, and the breaking of Rachel’s voice as she replies to the rhetorical statement, hurts your heart in a way that fills it with love. Ross and Rachel aren’t perfect; they’re nowhere close to it. But, are Monica and Chandler?

One by one the gang slowly found out about Monica and Chandler dating. First it was Joey - which seemed inevitable because he and Chandler lived together throughout a majority of the series - who surprisingly figured it out and then even more surprising kept the secret of their relationship.

After accidentally overhearing a phone call, Rachel finds out and desperately wants someone else to know. Even when Rachel ended up telling Phoebe and they distracted Ross from finding out until he did. It was a reaction of shock and a little bit of disgust, but Ross quickly realizes how wonderful it is that “his best friend and sister” are together.

But Chandler and Monica - sometimes called Mondler (I personally am not a fan, but whatever) - have a story of love and a relationship with its own wins and loses. It’s probably the most realistic relationship within the series which is why it’s relatable.

Chandler doesn’t always say the right thing and Monica isn’t always the easiest to be around, but overall, they love each other and share so many memories. Their secrecy gave them a chance to get close and create a relationship without the on-look of their other friends. The ongoing part of their relationship where one by one the gang finds out about Monica and Chandler. Throughout the secrecy, it’s revealed the emotional bond that they’ve developed and it warms your heart seeing each moment that they spend together.

Monica and Chandler develop into a relationship that becomes quote on quote, “goals." Within the series and following their relationship, you (the viewer) get to see how Monica and Chandler’s relationship is one that’s not easy, one where both of them put in the effort to make it a successful relationship, one where they give and take.

They’re not afraid to be real. They argue and they laugh, they love and they feel. Although at certain points, Monica and Chandler become more than a couple. They just fit. Monica and Chandler. Chandler and Monica. Even when Monica proposes to Chandler and Chandler proposes to Monica, it’s all filled with love and compromise and laughter and hardship- everything your typical relationship holds.

My point in all of this is that through the growth of Monica and Chandler’s relationship, they develop this relationship that’s so real and relatable. The somewhat uptight personality of Monica and the awkwardness and rare seriousness of Chandler make this couple one of laughs, smiles, and warm hearts.

Even during the few episodes that cover Monica and Chandler's wedding, it creates this view into what their lifetime will be like. Chandler's awkwardness in the wedding photos, the fact that Chandler can't dance (definitely me), and Monica's bridezilla type behavior relates on a definitely real level. But throughout the few things that go wrong, the love that fills the entire wedding is so apparent and melts your heart.

I say all of this because their relationship is one I aspire to have. I aspire to have a relationship full of love and laughter, one that’s not full of enormous fights, countless breakups, and a million relationships in between their settling down. Monica and Chandler are two characters who create this whirlwind of a relationship that develops slowly and focuses on creating a life-long bond together.