If Your Best Friend Wrote You A Letter, It Would Say You Are Worthy Of Love

If Your Best Friend Wrote You A Letter, It Would Say You Are Worthy Of Love

It's time we start treating ourselves better.


I find it incredibly hard to see myself through the eyes of the people around me. Too often, I throw myself into other people's shoes and make their issues my own. I offer them my sincerest advice and use sentences like, "If I were you..." and so forth. The strange part is that if I truly were me in their situation, I would not be gentle with my words.

When thinking about this, I decided that it was time to write myself a letter with the perspective of talking to my best friend. Because, at the end of the day, we are all we have. You are the only person you will be with 24/7 for, quite literally, the rest of eternity. And It's time we start treating ourselves better.

Dear Best Friend,

I understand where you're coming from, but hear me out. Okay? No responses, no talking, just listen to me. I've been quiet for too long.

I want nothing more in this world than for you to see yourself through my eyes. I want you to be able to look into the mirror and smile- and I mean really smile- for the simple acknowledgment that you are a beautiful human being. I want you to love yourself even half as much as I love you. I understand that it's hard. Discouraging. Uncomfortable. But here's the thing: I am not asking you to be comfortable. Nothing ever happens inside of your comfort zone, much less becoming the very best version of yourself.

You have to fall in love with yourself before you can fall in love with the world. You must feel content with yourself. Safe, confident, and pleased. It's going to take a hell of a long time, but please believe me when I say that it is worth every single second. Every single heartbreak. Every single tear that is shed.

If a parent wants their child to grow up to like carrots, they are supposed to feed them to their baby early on. Some things are an acquired taste. The same can be said for developing a love for yourself. Little spoonfuls at a time will do at the beginning, but the goal is to want to shovel it into your mouth when you're older. You're going to want to have it at three in the morning, an odd craving that people might not understand. It should be like ice-cream on waffles. Not everyone will understand why you like it, or why you want it, but it's something that is unique to your taste buds. It's something that will make people remember you.

Go to the store. Invest in whatever you think will help you crave that spoonful of love for yourself. It doesn't have to be much. Don't overwhelm yourself. Do you think your parents went out and bought thirty cans of pureed baby carrots and expected their infant to gulp them down in a few hours?


It takes time, so be patient with yourself.

Watch other people and notice the way they view themselves. Pay attention to the way they look at themselves in the mirror while they are washing their hands in a public restroom. Are they sheepish? Do their eyes dart up for just a second, making sure not to stare too long at their own reflection? Or do they linger for just a moment longer, admiring their imperfections and taking into account their individuality?

Take notes. Meditate. Learn to feel things, and I mean really feel.

Imagine where the carrots come from. How they were harvested. Who handled them, shipped them, tended to them. Think about how they got all the way into that spoon and into your mouth, one small bite at a time.

Then consider this: how you got to where you are today is no coincidence or lucky alignment of the stars. Who you are is a specialty. Who you have become and will become is something to be cherished, not to be timid about.

Loving yourself may be an acquired taste that takes time, but it is a taste that you will adore eventually, nonetheless.

Loving yourself should make you feel on fire. Because girl, you are fire: powerful, radiant, and brilliantly glowing. You are capable of moving universes larger than you could ever imagine. To put my love for you into perspective, you could accomplish all of that if you viewed yourself just half as great as I do.

If you want to change, then you have to start with confidence. If you have to fake it at first, then fake it. Make yourself uncomfortable.

Somewhere, somehow, you'll begin to develop the lense that allows you to see clearly for the first time in your life. It will be like grazing your hand over grass while feeling sunshine on your face for the very first time. It will be like seeing color when you have been living in black and white.

And for the first time in your life, you will feel perfectly imperfect.

Love, the girl you dodge eye contact within the mirror

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Somehow, I Ended Up With The Best Roommate Known To Man

I've truly been blessed.


College can be a very stressful experience to prepare for. From orientation to selecting your classes for the semester, your responsibilities quickly pile up. On top of all that, you also have to find somebody who you will be sharing a room with for your first year of college.

After not sharing a room with my sister for several years, I was worried about going back to splitting a living space with someone else. Immediately after I finished submitting my application to finalize my commitment to Temple, the stress of finding a roommate sunk in. Rooms in the residential hall I wanted were filling up quickly, and I still didn't have a roommate.

I was trying to find a roommate, but everybody seemed to already have their living situation figured out. However, one day, I received a message from a girl named Tori. Little did I know, she would become my best friend. I saw her profile prior to on RoomSync, an app for finding roommates, so I was really excited when she messaged me.

We didn't meet until move-in day, which made me a little bit anxious, but right from the start, everything clicked. We have lots of similar interests and living standards. Even though our majors are totally different, hers being biology and mine is English, that didn't stop us from being friends and enjoy spending time with one another.

In just the first weekend, Tori discovered that I hadn't seen a lot of movies that I should have seen growing up. From that point on, she created a list of various movies, and every weekend we watched at least one movie together. I don't think she has shown me a movie that I haven't liked yet, and I'm so glad that we started this tradition.

On top of movies, Tori has also expanded my music taste, which is a very hard thing to do. I couldn't be happier that she introduced me to Dean Lewis and Noah Kahan and then persuaded me to go to their concert in October with her. In general, she has got me more into music and is increasing my knowledge about music overall.

As well as going to a concert together, we also recently went to see my favorite Youtubers when they came to Philly. When we found out that Cody Ko and Noel Miller were going on a comedy tour and coming to our city, we immediately planned to buy tickets. It was a night full of laughs, and I'm so happy I got to spend it with her.

Tori Ploesch

Having a random roommate who is also your best friend is rare. I've heard a lot of horror stories about random roommates, but I honestly can't picture not being friends with Tori. Along with being an amazing roommate, she is incredibly selfless and caring. Her focus is always on helping people, and I admire her for all the hard work she puts into everything she does.

Being surrounded by people in the College of Science and Technology, I know it isn't easy. Because I have a strong dislike of science, I give major props to Tori and her friends in CST. I'm so happy she is studying something she's truly passionate about and will love doing in her future career. Whenever I meet people that want to pursue a career in science or the medical field, I immediately give them immense credit. It's extremely difficult to take that career path, and I'm already excited for Tori and her ultimate success.

College is a time for making new friends that will last even after you stop going to school together. Even though I'm only in my second semester, I know I can trust Tori with anything, and she'll be there for me when I need her. I also know that she'll be 100% honest with me when I need guidance or advice.

I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to Tori for messaging me to room with her. My college experience has been incredibly positive thus far because she has been with me through it all. I'm extremely grateful for the way things worked out because I couldn't have asked for a kinder roomie.

Thank you, Tori, for not just being an incredible person and roommate, but my best friend as well.

P.S. I can't wait to bake with you in our apartment together next semester!

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My Culture Is Not A Stereotype,  Stop Assuming Before You Know The Truth.

You as an individual need to stop creating excuses to try to justify the stereotype you implied to someone or the assumption of how a culture is.


I love how people just come up to and saying my culture is supposed to be a certain way and I'm just like yeah totally! Well, let's take a step behind that first line was full on sarcasm if you didn't catch it. Cultures are not supposed to be something you create assumptions for and create stereotypes for.

Of course its really easy to fall in all these stereotypes because come on you see something on Twitter, Instagram, or even Snapchat about a certain group, identity, culture, gender norms and start assuming that its suppose to be that way. When we fall into stereotypes that people have created we fail to do the least and educate our self.

I am not going to lie either I did once fall into a stereotype about a certain ethnicity but learned that it shouldn't work like that. We often think that oh no ones going to get offended or if someone says something about what I assumed I'll just say its what's on social media. You as an individual need to stop creating excuses to try to justify the stereotype you implied to someone or the assumption of how a culture is.

Well your probably wondering what culture I belong to? or what my ethnicity is? So here's the answer I am Pakistani. All though I lived in America since I was just a baby. America is basically home to me because of the fact that I grew up and was raised here. Even though I been living here in America all my life I never got so assimilated into the American culture and forgot my own.

So when people assume that my culture is a certain way or that there's only one main traditional it annoys me. I mean all of us of access to technology and rather than staying ignorant about others and saying things that can offend people do some research! Also, don't think that your perfect and that your to perfect to do research. Gaining knowledge is key!

In today's day and age, we all KNOW how important is to have a phone. It's almost abnormal if you don't have one. But do we all KNOW how important it is not to fall into stereotypes and assumptions? I think the answer is no because I still know people who are ignorant and won't do any research. IT never hurts to talk to someone about their culture and embrace culture difference than assuming.

When you actually take the time and effort in knowing about peoples culture you will not only be more educated but you can meet some amazing people out there! So I challenge you! I challenge you to do research or even talk to someone who is a different ethnicity or belongs to a different culture than you do! You will be surprised at the similarities and difference that the specific culture holds. So I am going end off by saying my culture isn't a stereotype so stop assuming before you know the truth!!

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