Quality time is my love language.
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My love language is quality time but that doesn’t mean I want to spend every minute of every day with you

Each love language needs something different and the speakers of quality time just ask for attention while we are having our quality time.


You can take the online quiz to find out which love language is yours.

The quiz is to help you understand how you express love and how you feel loved. There are five different love languages; physical touch, receiving gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service, and quality time. Your highest score out of the five is how to express your love for others. The highest score you can get is 12. This quiz isn't just about relationships with your partner but about your friendships.

Physical touch is the first love language and it's pretty simple.

The people that get a high score in this are the people that are very touchy. To show a person excitement, love, concern, or care a simple hug or pat in the back will do that for a physical touch person. A physical touch person needs that physical presence to know that they are loved. Neglect and abuse hurt a speaker of physical touch.

You are a speaker of receiving gifts if you are a person that doesn't find it awkward to get a gift from a friend or a family member.

This love language understands the deeper meaning of gifts. They believe that the perfect gift shows thoughtfulness and it shows that they know who you are personally. Gifts are symbols of someone else's love. A missed birthday or an unthoughtful gift hurts the most.

For words of affirmation person the saying "actions speak louder then words" doesn't apply to them.

Hearing compliments and the words "I love you" from people you care about are what make you feel the love from others. You love hearing reasons why people love you, kind/encouraging words. Hearing things like that build you up. Insults of any sorts towards a speaker of words of affirmation hurt them the most.

Another love language is acts of service. Anything helping to relieve a little stress from acts of service person is expressing your love for them.

From helping them with homework to helping them do chores, whatever you do out of love and not an obligation they feel valued and loved. Broken commitments and making more work for them tells them that their feelings don't matter.

The last love language is quality time.

If this is a person's love language then all they ask for is your undivided attention. Whether it's spending uninterrupted time talking or doing activities, they love both because either way, they're deepening their connection with you. Distractions postponed plans, and not listening to a speaker of quality time hurts them a lot.

My love language is quality time.

This love language doesn't mean I always want to spend time with a person and just talk, to be honest, I like my alone time the same amount I like hanging out with people. And I can't spend three or more days with the same people, or I start just nitpick at everything they do. I like to spend a few hours with my loved ones about once every week or once every two weeks. Either way, I want to spend time with you.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I'm talking to someone face to face and they're on their phones.

What makes me madder is when their just scrolling through Facebook or Instagram not even texting anyone important. It makes me feel like I'm boring them and that what I'm talking about doesn't matter.

Nowadays hanging out with people isn't even really hanging out with them because of cell phones.

Every time someone gets a new notification they have to look at there phone to see whose it from and then that turns into being on their phone. It's annoying, and it also just tells the person your with that your phone is more important than them.

What I love doing is when you haven't seen someone in a while and you have a catch-up lunch or dinner with them. Just sitting there listening to what they have been doing and them sitting there listening to me talk about what I've been doing is one of the best feelings ever.

As a speaker of quality time, I like to spend time with people if their phone is not their first priority.

I don't like to make myself center of attention but if I am hanging out with you then I want your attention. I also only really like to hang out with people one on one, it's harder to deepen a connection with a person when there's a group around. I hate it when my plans are canceled or postponed because the first thought that goes through my head is that they don't want to hang out with me because I'm boring but that's never the situation. Each love language needs something different and the speakers of quality time just ask for attention while we are having our quality time.

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