Love Isn't Always 50/50..

Love Isn't Always 50/50..

Surround yourself with people who balance you, not people who drain you.

The most important piece of advice my Papa ever gave me, was that love isn't always 50/50.

"Some days your partner will only give 10, so you'll give 90. And you know that on the days you only give 10, your partner will give 90."

It seems so simple, but it couldn't be more true. Some days, we just don't have it. Maybe everything that could go wrong, did. Bad days happen, and we don't always have the energy to put forth the effort into our relationship.

That's life.

What makes your partner that, "perfect match" is when they give the 90 to make up for your 10, without hesitation.

If you find yourself constantly giving a bulk of the effort, most of the time that means you're not in the right relationship. Your balance is out there. The man, or woman, that will take care of you on your bad days, without hesitation, is out there.

Don't settle for someone who you don't have balance with. If you're constantly giving 90, after a while, you're going to get tired. You're only human. And that's okay.

It's okay to recognize that you deserve better.

This goes for friendships as much as relationships. If you're constantly putting in the effort in your friendships, it might be time to say 'see-ya.'

Surround yourself with people who balance you, not people who drain you.

My dad gave me this advice when I was 16, it only took me seven years to fully understand it. I can tell you from personal experience, once you figure this out,

the happier you will be.

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Dating Is Dead And Like Mayo And American Cheese, Millennials Killed It

From "Have her home by eleven!" to "Netflix and Chill?"


Travel back in time to the 1900s, and you would see courtship at its finest. Men gaining a father's approval before taking a woman on an actual date, socials where people could mingle respectively and actual respect for marriage and the responsibility it holds. Today, if you mention meeting parents, a large majority of boys go running for the hills (speaking from personal experience). Most couples today don't even go on real dates; "Netflix and chill" has definitely seen to that. There are several problems with what is considered to be "romance" in this generation, and I'm worried that it's only going to get worse over the next few years.

Ahh, Snapchat. Twitter. Instagram. Facebook, even. Social media has given us a way to be, well, social. If you're like me and you've heard the story of how your parents met just a few too many times, then you would know for a fact that social media probably was not involved. To think that men used to actually walk up to women and ask them on dates sounds pretty absurd, right? Today, social media apps and online dating sites are used so much for this that we have almost forgotten how to communicate in real life. Back in the day of pagers and "Have her home by eleven!" romance was more personal and intricate. Now here we are, sliding in the DMs, getting Snapchat usernames at the bar and swiping right on Tinder.

Looking at the "L" that dating has taken over the past few years, I can easily say that I am scared for the following generations. It's only going to get worse. What about marriages? Divorce rates have gone up, and the amount of happy couples has severely declined. So many people today are either scared of the commitment or rush into something that they aren't going to give 100% to. Relationships and marriages are huge commitments, and I'm concerned about my generation's capability of handling it.

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The Sensitive Ego And 10 Other Types of Guys You've Definitely Met As Told By 'Friends

Uh, yeah.


Honestly, the title tells you everything you should know. Need I say more?

1. The Sensitive Ego

Ah, yes. The almighty ego.

Careful! You might say something to hurt it.

Oh wait, don't forget: if you do say something that hurts the almighty ego, you probably won't even know, because the ego-owner will just start suddenly acting like you've never met, and you'll never get a reason why.

2. The Master Exaggerator

He's been all over the world. He can lift 300lbs on a bad day, but you're kind of confused as to where the muscle is hiding. He's such a regular at every coffeeshop, restaurant, store, town, city, country, continent that- you get the point. He just can't go anywhere without someone knowing who he is. He got a C on his last quiz which is synonymous with "I'm failing and the world is falling to pieces".

Oh did he forget to mention how one time in third grade he won the spelling bee so for the rest of his life everyone thought of him as a hero?

3. The Real Slim Shady

It's always sunny.

Classrooms? Sunny.

Thunderstorms? Sunny.

Dorm rooms? Sunny.

That really dimly lit coffeeshop? Definitely sunny.

4. The "Dude" Dude

Oh, word?

Oh, word.




Dude, bro!


Bro.... dude.

5. The Imaginary Lat Syndrome Sufferer

That's so sad, Alexa play "Hands In The Air".

6. The Short Temper (literally)

Dear Mr. Short Temper,

I'll have you know that I'm flashing back to the day some guy cut you in the sandwich line and you were ready to square up.

He was a good foot taller than you.

7. The Creepy One

The one who watches your Instagram stories but doesn't follow you.

The one who you *feel* staring at you, so you look up, and they are, in fact, staring at you........ from 10, 20, 30 feet away.

The one who walks past you on the sidewalk and doesn't look away until he PHYSICALLY cannot turn his head far enough to see you anymore.

The one who just magically, coincidentally, unfortunately happens to somehow be everywhere you go.

You know the one.

8. The Macro Master

Is the world ending, or did he just eat too many ~~simple carbs~~ and not enough protein for the day?

(you know who you are. hi!)

9. The Stoic Sire

Is it a rock you're talking to?

Is it a wall?

Is it a statue?

No, no. Don't be alarmed. Its just the Stoic Sire, captain of all things impartial and emotionless.

10. The Grunge Guy

The one who looks like he's either wearing grey eyeshadow all the time or just hasn't slept in a month, but you can't really tell because honestly either one would fit his aesthetic.

11. The Master Illusionist

Defining characteristics include:

- playing mind games and then playing the victim card,

- denying everything that previously left his mouth...

- then proceeding to tell you you're A.) wrong and B.) crazy.

- Usually dressed like a Brad or Chad

The best is when you get all 11 for the price of 1.

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