The most important piece of advice my Papa ever gave me, was that love isn't always 50/50.

"Some days your partner will only give 10, so you'll give 90. And you know that on the days you only give 10, your partner will give 90."

It seems so simple, but it couldn't be more true. Some days, we just don't have it. Maybe everything that could go wrong, did. Bad days happen, and we don't always have the energy to put forth the effort into our relationship.

That's life.

What makes your partner that, "perfect match" is when they give the 90 to make up for your 10, without hesitation.

If you find yourself constantly giving a bulk of the effort, most of the time that means you're not in the right relationship. Your balance is out there. The man, or woman, that will take care of you on your bad days, without hesitation, is out there.

Don't settle for someone who you don't have balance with. If you're constantly giving 90, after a while, you're going to get tired. You're only human. And that's okay.

It's okay to recognize that you deserve better.

This goes for friendships as much as relationships. If you're constantly putting in the effort in your friendships, it might be time to say 'see-ya.'

Surround yourself with people who balance you, not people who drain you.

My dad gave me this advice when I was 16, it only took me seven years to fully understand it. I can tell you from personal experience, once you figure this out,

the happier you will be.