To My High School Friends I Don't Talk To Much — I Love You

To My High School Friends Who I Don't Talk To As Much As I Used To—I Still Love You The Same

Being hours apart may limit how often we talk, but it doesn't change how I feel about you all.

Wilson Brooks

I am so happy that I am able to say that I had such an awesome group of high school besties. We were so solid, in fact, that my BFF and I got voted the "most dynamic duo" in my high school yearbook senior year! We all swore that we wouldn't let college get in the way of the awesome friendships we had — but then… it did.

This actually used to bug me a whole lot. As I started making friends at my own school, I almost felt like I was replacing you all, and that it was somehow unfair that I would let someone else get as close to me as you were.

I've learned to think differently about this. You still hold a special place in my heart and if we happen to be on break at the same time, we will usually arrange to catch up with one another for a day. I love getting together to hang out with each one of you again, and I love that we can usually pick right back up where we left off!

Heather Parker

I will always know that I can rely on any of you, and I hope you know that you can always rely on me. I miss getting together so frequently to do the dumb things we did and to have all the fun that we had. But despite this, I know that you all have new friends, too, and I am actually really happy about that.

You've found people to be there when I can't be, to make you laugh when I am not there, and to help ease your mind when I am unable to. I've done the same, and I am just as thankful for your new friends as I am for mine. It makes me happy to know that you have the healthy friendships that you all deserve.

Emily Ruezinsky

I will always cherish the rare moments we get to share together now. You all can make me laugh like no others, and you all understand a part of me that no one else really can. I've been my weirdest around you all, and you still love me for it — that's true love.

I love you all with a very special place in my heart, and I truly can't wait to see you all again. Thank you for making home feel a little more homey, for making life a little brighter, and for continuing to love me, even if it's from several hours away. You all rock, and I love you.

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