Those things you don't want to/shouldn't do, but do anyway.
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8 Painfully Wonderful Things You Have a Love/Hate Relationship With

Those things that you love and always do, but you honestly hate them or there are some pretty big negative sides to doing them.

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Whether it's exercising or eating healthy or going to the doctor, we all have those things we do that we don't like, or things we do that we probably shouldn't do as often as we do (buying coffee, drinking wine, etc).

1. Working out.

We all have those days where we dread going to the gym, so why do we continue to do it nearly every day? Easy. Short term, the endorphins make you feel amazing. Long term, the body results are worth it. And overall it makes you healthier, relieves stress, and so much more.

2. Eating healthy.

I'm sure all of us wish junk foods were good for us, but sadly they are not and we have to deal with that reality. On one side, your body truly rewards you when you eat healthy by performing better during workouts, looking better in a bikini, and your energy levels are so much higher. But, on the other side, you get those cravings (all the time if you're me) for the salty, fatty, carb-filled delicious foods like ice cream, crackers, chocolate, bread, etc. But we all know what eating those foods does to you...Definitely a love-hate relationship.

3. College.

We all have those days where we're sitting in class as the teacher talks about something we find completely irrelevant and we'd MUCH rather be asleep, or even at the gym, but we continue to take notes. Or those times where all your friends are going out and you can't because you have to stay in and study. Annoying, right? So why do we do it? Easy. Going to college immensely increases job prospects after we graduate, and honestly it's pretty fun.

4. Work.

If you're a college student, chances are the job you have is not your dream job. So that leads you to many long days of boredom where you question why you ever applied for this job. And then you get your paycheck, and it is all worth it. Not being broke is pretty amazing. So yes, work can suck, but in the end it pays off.

5. Going to the Doctor.

No matter what kind (even the dentist), you really never want to go to the doctor, but they always (usually) end up solving whatever problem you're having, and make you better. The dentist whitens your teeth and gets rid of painful cavities, surgeons do endless things that benefit us, etc. So while the experience isn't exactly fun, it is worth it and a necessary evil.

6. Airport security.

Yes, going through TSA and security is a hassle and no one enjoys is, but consider the alternative. If we didn't have the security we have, the chances of having airport/plane bombs would increase drastically. Further, the drug and weapon trafficking would be even worse than it already is. So, when you're going through security, remember it is there for your benefit, not to punish you.

7. Coffee addiction.

This is a very real love-hate relationship for me. I love my soy lattes from my favorite local coffee shop, but I hate spending $4.44 every single day for them. Then again, I can't NOT have one every day. My body just naturally ends up at the coffee shop. RIP to my bank account.

8. Wine.

One of my favorite things to do is drink some wine. It tastes amazing and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, there's nothing better than that, right? Well, when you are a regular wine drinker, you start to think about the amount of money you spend on the delicious, upscale grape juice and the calories it has in it. But then again, it's totally worth it right? Just pore yourself a glass of wine and forget those worries.

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