Poetry On Odyssey: We're Like Flames
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Poetry On Odyssey: We're Like Flames

When are we going to be extinguished?

Poetry On Odyssey: We're Like Flames

your glit blonde silk stands out in a crowd of ordinary blondes

skin like ivory tiles on a grand piano

base notes of cinnamon musk and amber patchouli

you are completely delectable

you make me a true gourmand

we are both victims in this era of forgotten

in the sound of your laughter

the silver strings of a harp start its melody

each time your tears fall

they form a sharp, crashing chord

every moment with you carries a bittersweet resonance from a dozen violas

we were living the dreams

I would forsake the rest

allow them to quench their thirst from my rubies

while we lick each other's wounds

while the cold ashes slowly melt into thin air

we finally extinguished us

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