14 Things You Know To Be True If You Love Fall As Much As A White Girl Loves Pumpkin Spice Lattes

14 Things You Know To Be True If You Love Fall As Much As A White Girl Loves Pumpkin Spice Lattes

If Fall is your favorite season, you will definitely relate to everything in this list.


Fall is easily my favorite season, I could literally write a list about it (hence the list below). All the best dates happen in the Fall, the best food and drinks, the best weather and cutest outfits come out in the fall. Not even to mention, the best Holiday and activities also take place in the Fall time. If you love fall as much as me, AKA a white girl who is pumpkin spice latte obsessed, everything below will be more than relatable.

1. Fully embracing sweater weather


I wait all year long to break out my amazing sweater and Fall bootie collection. Sweaters are always my go to and best look in the Fall time. I am in love with layers and feeling cozy during the chilly months.

2. Constantly admiring the changing of the leaves


Fall is the perfect time for a relaxing cruise on a Sunday afternoon. No destination or time limit, just admiring all the beauty of Fall colors and change.

3. Buying and making pumpkin spice anything


Pumpkin spice pie, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin spice candle, you name it.

4. Taking in the fresh smell of Fall


Cracking your window a little to let in a cool breeze and the faint smell of fallen leaves, it doesn't get better than that.

5. Going on as many Fall themed dates as possible


You can go apple picking, carve pumpkins, get lost in corn maze, hay rides and sip apple cider, check out the spookiest haunted houses and trails, there are endless possibilities to the perfect date.

6. Going all out for Halloween


Halloween is my favorite Holiday. You get to dress up in cool costumes and eat lots of candy and everything around you is perfectly decorated with purple, orange and black.

7. Taking advantage of all the goodies and desserts


My favorite treats are all Fall time delicacies. Baked pumpkin seeds, caramel apples, pumpkin bars, apple pie, all the super yummy stuff is made in the Fall.

8. Loving anything and everything with Fall colors


If it's maroon, burnt orange, mustard yellow, olive green, plum purple and various shades of brown, I'm getting it. Everybody can rock earthy fall tones.

9. Football starts to crowd your life


All of a sudden you have plans every Sunday because football is the only thing that matters. And you're watching Friday night lights and waking up to tailgate all day Saturday. Then, Monday and Thursday night soon become football filled.

10. Enjoying the cool and perfectly brisk weather every chance you get


Being able to sleep with the window open and not need a fan at night and throwing a light jacket on for the day.

11. Being excited to say goodbye to bikini season 


No need to keep your figure anymore, it's time to start putting on your winter layer starting with the loads of caramel apples and pumpkin pie.

12. Celebrating Thanksgiving


It's such a nice time to gather with your family, watch the parade and football game and eat enough to be full for a week.

13. Participating in black Friday shopping 


Waking up incredibly early and scoring great deals for the upcoming Holiday.

14. Going way over board on decorating


If you're going to decorate for Fall, you may as well go all out with the pumpkins, mums, corn stalks, hay bails, scarecrows and gourds in a cornucopia all neatly lined up on the front steps to your home. And the same goes for Halloween, go big or go home.

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15 Songs Perfect For Snuggling On A Rainy Day

Songs that probably haven't heard, but should.

Everyone already knows what is up; autumn. You know what that means? IT'S SNUGGLE SEASON, Y'ALL. So I've got you covered with not 1, not 2, but 15 perfect songs for snuggling with your boo.

1. "Turning Page", Sleeping at Last

This song will be sure to make you want to be in love this fall time. This singer's raspy voice singing words about the girl he loves will melt your heart into a big ole' puddle. It's okay, just cuddle it out.

2. "Dreaming of You", Cigarettes After Sex

This lazy, hazy type of song is perfect to snuggle up to, the singer's calming voice and the chill music in the back... a religious experience almost.

3. "Somewhere Only We Know", Keane

The tune right here is more of an upbeat one, but still great to sit by a fire or cuddle. Maybe even go throw on some rain boots and a rain jacket and go exploring in the woods with your "boo". Ha, get it?

4. "Hourglass", Catfish and the Bottlemen

This song is a bit explicit, so listen at your own risk. Man, this song is so sweet though and the acoustic-type vibe is perfect for a chilly, rainy fall day with your man/lady.

5. "Ceilings", Local Natives

You want a song to give you chills and frickin' shake you to the core? The artist's voice is the LOVELIEST THING IN EXISTENCE! So if you have not listened.... go listen, you're welcome.

6. "Open Season", High Highs

The guitar in the opening and then the pretty voice coming in is really just...pristine for a good ole' rainy day tune. I'm realizing that a lot of songs I've chosen have male singers with pretty voices? I'm hardly sorry.

7. " Flightless Bird, American Mouth", Iron & Wire

MAN this song just gets me feelin' some type of way and I hope that I can introduce someone to this song for the first time and make them feel some type of way. Again, the singer's voice is just so smooth, fine like wine.

8. "I Would Do Anything for You", Foster the People

This tune right here is a bop, more of an upbeat, electronic type feel to it. Foster the People is better known for "Pumped Up Kicks", but here's a little gem you may not have known about!

9. "Dizzy on the Comedown", Turnover

This song has an amazing vibe to it, the tone of it just makes you feel so chill and relaxed. Add it to a playlist to cuddle with your boo to, thank me later.

10. "Linger", the Cranberries

An oldie but a goodie, this 90s song by this rock band is more of a contemporary song, with a chill feel to it and lyrics about love. "You know I'm such a fool for you,", what a cute frickin' line, man.

11. "Social Sites", Cosmo Pyke

This alternative song is another tune that's fit perfect for a rainy day, either snuggling up in bed or walking around campus watching the leaves getting covered in rain. But hey, maybe I'm just a sucker for walking around campus on gloomy days.

12. "Get You", Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis

A more popular song in this list, I'm sure many people have heard this song so I won't explain it besides saying dang....what a good song.

13. "You Are the Right One", Sports

This song has more of a funky beat to it but definitely feels fit to be a song to cater to your rainy day cuddle needs. Again, great for any day but wow, those rainy days, yeah?

14. "Space Song", Beach House

Another more popular song in my list if you listen to alternative/indie music, but the ambient vibe to this song will for sure make you wanna just lay in bed with a bunch of blankets or maybe even a human being, your call.

15. "Once You Know", Good Morning

The smooth voice of the singer in this song really just is like coffee on a cold morning, the music is beautiful and never fails to give me chills. So I saved my personal favorite for last. Although the rest were in no particular order, I wanted to really end it with a bang. So here's a song that you probably have never heard but need to.

There you go! 15 songs that you may have never heard before but now you have. Feel free to give them a listen and change your life.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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