14 Things You Know To Be True If You Love Fall As Much As A White Girl Loves Pumpkin Spice Lattes

14 Things You Know To Be True If You Love Fall As Much As A White Girl Loves Pumpkin Spice Lattes

If Fall is your favorite season, you will definitely relate to everything in this list.


Fall is easily my favorite season, I could literally write a list about it (hence the list below). All the best dates happen in the Fall, the best food and drinks, the best weather and cutest outfits come out in the fall. Not even to mention, the best Holiday and activities also take place in the Fall time. If you love fall as much as me, AKA a white girl who is pumpkin spice latte obsessed, everything below will be more than relatable.

1. Fully embracing sweater weather


I wait all year long to break out my amazing sweater and Fall bootie collection. Sweaters are always my go to and best look in the Fall time. I am in love with layers and feeling cozy during the chilly months.

2. Constantly admiring the changing of the leaves


Fall is the perfect time for a relaxing cruise on a Sunday afternoon. No destination or time limit, just admiring all the beauty of Fall colors and change.

3. Buying and making pumpkin spice anything


Pumpkin spice pie, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin spice candle, you name it.

4. Taking in the fresh smell of Fall


Cracking your window a little to let in a cool breeze and the faint smell of fallen leaves, it doesn't get better than that.

5. Going on as many Fall themed dates as possible


You can go apple picking, carve pumpkins, get lost in corn maze, hay rides and sip apple cider, check out the spookiest haunted houses and trails, there are endless possibilities to the perfect date.

6. Going all out for Halloween


Halloween is my favorite Holiday. You get to dress up in cool costumes and eat lots of candy and everything around you is perfectly decorated with purple, orange and black.

7. Taking advantage of all the goodies and desserts


My favorite treats are all Fall time delicacies. Baked pumpkin seeds, caramel apples, pumpkin bars, apple pie, all the super yummy stuff is made in the Fall.

8. Loving anything and everything with Fall colors


If it's maroon, burnt orange, mustard yellow, olive green, plum purple and various shades of brown, I'm getting it. Everybody can rock earthy fall tones.

9. Football starts to crowd your life


All of a sudden you have plans every Sunday because football is the only thing that matters. And you're watching Friday night lights and waking up to tailgate all day Saturday. Then, Monday and Thursday night soon become football filled.

10. Enjoying the cool and perfectly brisk weather every chance you get


Being able to sleep with the window open and not need a fan at night and throwing a light jacket on for the day.

11. Being excited to say goodbye to bikini season 


No need to keep your figure anymore, it's time to start putting on your winter layer starting with the loads of caramel apples and pumpkin pie.

12. Celebrating Thanksgiving


It's such a nice time to gather with your family, watch the parade and football game and eat enough to be full for a week.

13. Participating in black Friday shopping 


Waking up incredibly early and scoring great deals for the upcoming Holiday.

14. Going way over board on decorating


If you're going to decorate for Fall, you may as well go all out with the pumpkins, mums, corn stalks, hay bails, scarecrows and gourds in a cornucopia all neatly lined up on the front steps to your home. And the same goes for Halloween, go big or go home.

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4 Reasons Why Football is the Best Sport on Earth

There's football... and then there is everyone else

Pop-Warner, Pee-Wee, High School, College, and NFL.

No matter what age we play it, football is the greatest sport on the planet.

Families encourage it, our culture demands it, and a lot of people devote their lives to it.

But what really makes football the greatest game out there?

Is it the national presence of the NFL and college?

Or is it the fact that companies like DraftKings and FanDuel have generated over 575 Million dollars in revenue off Fantasy Football and similar games. (CNBC, 2015)

Your opinion may differ, but is the biggest 4 reasons why football is the best sport on earth:

1. Complexity

In football, there are eleven guys on each team all doing individual tasks that help their team win each play.

But when something goes wrong, you can't just point out one major thing wrong with a play or a situation.

For example, let's say a quarterback throws an interception... One could say it was a bad throw, or even that the route the wide receiver ran was wrong. However, many analysts could point out that the defense ran a great coverage, or that the offensive line didn't block correctly.

The fact of the matter is, the game of football focuses on the team concept. Very rarely can one player change the face of a whole team like in other sports.

2. Difficulty

Most athletes are considered 'dumb jocks' who are awful in the classroom and great on the field.

But football players are quite the opposite.

Not only do they have to practice and train on extremely precise technique for the position.

They must learn an entire playbook and a plethora of checks and calls.

For these plays, you have to memorize what to do, where to go, and remember situationally how things will change.

For even the best athletes out there this can be the most daunting task of them all. Learning the playbook is essential to how you, and your team will perform on gameday.

3. Physical Demand

Football players are some of the best athletes in the world, and due to their sport, they are required to be in shape and constantly training year-round.

The physical plays, jumps, hits, and blocks of football can be extremely dangerous if one is not in top condition.

In fact, even if you're in peak physical condition that doesn't save you from being gruesomely hurt.

Such happened in a case in 2013, where Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson actually broke off most of his middle finger during a play.

He had made a big hit on a running back and his finger snapped inside his glove, after removing his glove, the piece of his finger still remained inside. (ESPN, 2013)

4. Morals

Sports can teach you a lot of things about life. Such as the idea of teamwork or even just getting along with people you sometimes don't like.

But with football, it's much more than that. Football teaches discipline, and when you play football you have to do some things that are necessary that sometimes you don't want to do.

But just as in life you have to do them anyways.

Football teaches you the hard things about life:

Sometimes there's going to be people better than you.
You can't always win.
You didn't prepare how you should've
Life isn't always fair.

However, in football, that's all in a day's work.

Cover Image Credit: pixabay

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9 Things You Have Been Taking For Granted But Should Be Extra Thankful For This Year

7. Your bed...


You've most likely witnessed lots of things this past year that you haven't given a second thought to. No worries! Everybody gets caught up in the routines we have and it's easy to forget how amazing certain things are. I'm here to remind you of 9 things that you should be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

1. The changing seasons


Of course, a bragging point for Michigan is we truly experience the full force of every season that mother nature has to offer! While winter might be slow, that first snowfall s unforgettable and watching the first flowers bloom in spring is always refreshing. Be thankful as we watch how nature keeps herself in balance and how she shares her shapeshifting powers with us! It's a luxury, not every place on Earth has.

2. Pillows! 


How could you not be thankful for pillows? They cradle your head and body pillows provide the perfect cuddle buddy for those cold nights. They can be soft and comforting or firm and helpful! Either way, pillows are always there for you and will never leave you. Pro Tip: Remember to wash your pillows, also. Seriously.

3. Your right to vote.


We have such an amazing ability in this country to speak our minds about who we want representing us! Regardless of your party, you are able to let your government know what you think freely and that is magical, especially when there are still places in the world where they are not able to exercise these same rights. Always remember to thoroughly educate yourself and get out there to show people what you think! We can all move towards a better future by working the polls.

4. All the places where you can charge your phone...


Your room, your car, class, your laptop, a portable charger, etc. There are now so many different ways and places to charge your phone that it's almost rare your phone dies at all? It's pretty crazy when you think of all the new ways there are to charge your phone and hopefully you remember the blessings you've been bestowed with to worry about where you can charge up. Some people have way more serious problems than that.

5. Water!


Water is the most healing element that mother nature has given us. It keeps us healthy, hydrated, and alive. We can wash ourselves and make tasty food with it, but not everybody has that! When remembering people in Flint, stay aware they still need help due to the condition of their water. (If you can donate in any way, here is some ways to help.)

6. Literature!


Literature is one of the ways we can educate ourselves about people, history, politics, religion, language, cultures, etc. There's a book out there in every genre, covering any topic under the sun and has historically been one of humanity's leading ways of informing the people or spreading change.

Revolutions have been started due to literature. On the other side of this coin, we should all be grateful for our literacy! The fact that we can all read independently, even if there is some struggle sometimes, means we always have the power to educate ourselves further. Remember your favorite authors this Thanksgiving!

7. Your bed...


Your bed is one of the comfiest things in your life! It cradles you when you've had a hard day, provides a warm space for you when you come home at night, and is the one place I know I can go to if I just need to calm down. Embrace the comfort and ease your bed provides you with every day.

8. Sunshine!


Sunshine. The sun can literally help fight depression and make people feel happier overall. During the early stages of spring and summer, we all feel elated to have the heat of the sun wrapping around us outside instead of the bitter frost of winter. The sun feeds our plants, warms our hearts, and sometimes causes us to groan when we step outside, but we wouldn't have life at all without the sun! Thank the sun for her hard work this Thanksgiving.

9. Freedom of religion...


This one is heavier, but freedom of religion is one of our greatest strengths and the very idea that our country is founded on! Pilgrims came here seeking refuge from religious persecution in England. Now, we can worship freely in any way that we wish to worship. Regardless of people being prejudice or rude, always remember and hold dear to your heart your right to worship. It's a beautiful thing to walk down the street and see dozens of people who all follow faith differently.

In all, we have lots of things to be thankful for. Some small, some we don't think of, and others we take for granted. Be thankful, remember those who struggle, and don't eat so much turkey that you immediately fall into a food coma after dinner.

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