Love Everlasting
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Love Everlasting

Love never ends, breathing out breathing in. I'll never live unless I stop breathing sin.

Love Everlasting


Recently I have started to follow a man that goes by the name Prince Ea on Facebook. He posted a video that has not only triggered an all encompassing empathy and love, but he has inspired me to expand on his message.

In this video he states that depression, pain, anger, concern, ad worry are not who we are. He illustrates this by comparing people to the sky. We are lasting and stable. We do not come and go, we do not fade or dwindle; we simply exist from beginning to end. While our pains, our worries, our depression are like clouds. They change in color size and they may pepper the skies but the fact is they will always come and go. This made me think. See I used to suffer with depression a lot and through finding my spirituality and understanding love, I have overcome my depression - not eliminating it, but as Prince Ea says, I now am an onlooker, a commentator on depression. I have armed myself with the ability to understand, grow, and learn from the negatives the world will dish out to not just myself but to all of its citizens.

"I'm going to interrupt myself and try to let you as the reader get to know me a little better by sharing a spoken word I wrote in regards to myself. I titled it 'I got By'"

*My use of spelling Is flawed but it's also intentional.*

"I got By"
I got by on nickles and dimes getting bye and bye not thinking about time.
I got bye and bye.

Tick tick the clock went color and life abused taking pride in the life of the biggest lie. The lie that the sloth ever told the truth. A sinner within by nature's decree mistaken on the path it intends. But depict by nature, nature's crime by not seeing self in reflection.

Leap, fly bounds and bounds, experience deep within action, forethought without.
Mind full of doubt, deceit dear friend, bound within I am defeat getting bye and bye.

Minimal proximity to life's victories I witnessed the movement getting by and by.
Bye and bye one to the wind in water absorbed in karma I get bye and bye.

I say bye and bye to stories of old
Bye and bye to dreams within the realm of the demons land.
I'm such the demon that can caress soothe the best, arouse no suspicion, arouse no attention, speak with diction and friction, omission; just listen to the serpents tongue fully designed beyond the mind without any bounds. To the minds compound, confined by lbs of self insanity wrapped up in vanity just getting bye and bye. Smile on face but not in mind. You do just get bye and bye so let's redetermine what is the bye and bye and say goodbye to actions beside the norm. I say farewell to live bye and bye

In my depression suicide was a whispered conscious that could grow to a numbing roar. But through love I have understood something new. Prince Ea in my personal opinion left something out in his video. See I agree we are not our depression but not just because depression comes and goes. BUT BECAUSE LOVE IS OUR IDENTITY. We are born into this world able to smile and able to cry; we are born with the ability to comprehend affection and can be shaped by the lack there of. WE ARE NOT DEPRESSION BECAUSE TRULY WE ARE BEINGS OF LOVE AND LIGHT. "For the light shines in the darkness and the darkness knows not of its power." So I would like to share a thought or rather a mantra I find myself repeating in hopes that when the clouds of depression cast a deep shadow over your sky, you have a source of light that can keep your flame kindled.

When love is all I have, when love is the only tool, the only weapon and my only shield I have nothing to fear. For if I died tomorrow spreading love, protecting love, and giving love, I would die the world's happiest man. Through love we are untouchable.

#lovereligion #loveistheGAG

*photo cred goes to @jango.mp3 a man that truly understands Love is all about you

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