I Used To Be Love Drunk, But Now I'm Hungover
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I Used To Be Love Drunk, But Now I'm Hungover

It's like your typical hangover, but worse.

I Used To Be Love Drunk, But Now I'm Hungover

About a year ago, I experienced the world's worst hangover. And I'm not exaggerating. After a late night out, I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache and a pit feeling in my stomach. Now, you're probably thinking that I drank one too many drinks downtown, danced on a few tables, and went home with some random guy I met at the bar.

I wish it was that simple. Later that day, I came to the realization that I wasn't hungover from the alcohol I had consumed the night before. This was different.

Last summer, I was what you'd call "love drunk." And anytime you're drunk, you're bound to experience a hangover. For those of you who've never experienced this feeling before, I'll fill you in. According to Urban Dictionary, a "love hangover" occurs when you can't stop thinking about the person that left you. From past experience, it's like your typical hangover, but worse.

When I first started writing on Odyssey, I was getting over this guy who broke my heart. Somehow, he convinced me that I was the problem. But if we're going to be completely honest here, the real problem was him. Not only did he break my heart, but he also left me with these feelings of regret.

And you're probably wondering, how does this occur? I've come to realize that "love hangovers" typically occur when you encounter the guy who's unable to make up his mind. Does he want to date you? Does he want to be casual? Or does he want to stay friends?

It doesn't matter what he says, the end result is always the same, heartbreak.

When you're "love drunk," it starts off as innocent fun and games. It's not until that next morning you wake up with the dreaded "love hangover."

In my case, it was a typical Friday night and fate brought us together at one of the local karaoke bars. I jokingly said to my friend, “I'm going to talk to the hottest guy there.” And right on cue, he walked through the doors.

As soon as he walked in, we immediately made eye contact. We spoke and he mentioned to me that he just got out of a three-year relationship. I thought, "there goes my dream guy." For those who know me, I don't give up that easily. I continued to pursue him. Bad idea.

I admit I should have known better, but that's what being "love drunk" does to you. You lose all sense of reason. You experience the high of being drunk which leads you to make bad decisions. I made the bad decision to pursue him. He made the bad decision to pursue me. The results were catastrophic. Cue the "love hangover."

Now that I'm finally sober, let me be the first to tell you, he's like an Emo haircut that's going out of style. Heed my warning and stay away from these types of guys. You'll thank me later.

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