Living with anxiety is no fun. It is constantly questioning everything in your life all your decisions and relationships and worrying about every little thing. Girls who have anxiety can be hard to love at times, i'm not going to lie. But it is very possible to love her, and when you do, she will love you unconditionally.

1. Have Patience

Being patient is the best thing that you can do to love a girl with anxiety. She may get upset easily or lose her temper. Do not fight back or get upset with her at these times. Patiently wait for her to cool off and be there to hug her when she is overwhelmed. Offer advice if you feel like she needs it, otherwise just be there to comfort her.

2. Love Her

There may be times where she feels worthless, she might feel like a bad girlfriend or that she is not enough. Reassure her of her worth and how much she means to you. Love her as much as you possibly can and show her how much you care. Actions speak louder than words. Love her even in her times when she is unlovable. Fight for her and make her know that she is wanted.

3.  Reassure Her

Reassure her and remind her that she is the strong, gorgeous and independent woman that she is. She can overcome any obstacle big or small. Let her know that you are on her side and you will be there to cheer her on every step of the way.

4. Do The Small Things

The little things will mean the most to her.. Send her cute texts in the middle of the day saying that you are thinking about her. Send her words of encouragement for her day, especially if she has something going on that she is stressed about. Hug her tight when you see her, kiss her softly, look in her eyes and tell her you love her. Mean everything you say and do. Make her feel wanted.

5. Remind Her Of How Much You Care For Her

When you see something or hear something that reminds you of her, tell her. Remind her of how much you love her, not just with your words but with your actions.

When you do all of these things for her, she will do the same for you. She will love you more than you thought humanly possible. She will love you more than you thought someone could love you. It will be something that you have never experienced, and it will be so worth it.