Louis C.K. Makes A Fool Of Himself with His Political Opinion
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Louis C.K. Makes A Fool Of Himself with His Political Opinion

From bullying to lying to fans, what will Louis not do to kiss Hillary's feet.

Louis C.K. Makes A Fool Of Himself with His Political Opinion

With election day right around the corner, many celebrities and politicians are urging the public to vote. While voting is extremely important-- and even I urge everyone who can vote to do so-- we must understand there are some things you cannot do to get people to vote. Some of the obvious things are: you should not lie to get people to vote, you should not threaten people so they vote and you should not bully others into voting.

On November 1, Louis C.K. went on Conan to attempt to motivate those not interested in voting to do so. While the act of encouraging people to vote is respectable, the way he did it arguably did more damage to the cause rather than helping it along. While Louis C.K. is a comedian (and I understand it all could be a joke), the fact is he called people who did not want to vote "assholes". Not only did he resort to name calling, he went on to say for which candidate to vote for. You would think after calling those disenfranchised voters "assholes" he would at least end on something heartwarming or witty. Right?

Instead he decided it would be better to get on his hands and knees and kiss Clinton's bootstraps-- calling her a great candidate and a very smart individual. This is where I realized he was bullshitting not just the audience but himself. Either he is highly uninformed or just wants the popularity boost for taking an anti-Trump stand to maybe heighten his popularity with the women demographic.

While Trump is awful, that is not a reason to lie about the other horrible candidate that is running. "I think she is great" is one line he quoted a few times during the interview with Conan. I guess Louis thinks presidential candidates that vote for the Iraq War and let southern Sudan have child soldiers are a good thing. Not to mention Clinton's double standards, horrible pro-fracking stance and the email dumps which always seem more damning information with every new batch released.

Hey Louis, just for your information Hillary did not want the Palestinian people to have an election. In her own words, “I do not think we should have pushed for an election in the Palestinian territories. I think that was a big mistake, and if we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win". That is an elected official in America the greatest democracy on planet Earth saying we should not let other countries have freedom like we do.

Hillary is twisted and sick sack of human garbage dragging down the freedom and principles America was founded on. Louis is not only complementing this crook but openly bullying the American people into voting for her.

One last personal note to the comedian Louis C.K from the author. This Louis, is just my personal opinion, but unlike your interview on Conan I actually thought this through because I care deeply on the future we are trying to build here. You are a famous comedian with a huge fan base that looks up to every move you make. Some people love your comedy so much they hinge on every word you say. When you go on TV and spew bullshit out your mouth you lower the mental level of all your fans. Also you tend to lose credibility from some fans.. like me.

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