9 Tips To Lose The Weight You've Already Gained This School Year
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9 Tips To Lose The Weight You've Already Gained This School Year

Listen carefully. You might be able to lose the "Freshman 15" you gained.

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Belly fat is not just the nuisance which will make your pants fit tighter it can be dangerous in many different ways. Belly fat which is also commonly known as visceral fat is responsible for some very serious diseases. According to the flat tummy diet, that includes different heart conditions, Type 2 diabetes, and a lot more. So, there is no doubt that losing belly fat will not only make your clothes fit better but it will also give you a healthier and longer life.

Here are some of the tips following which you will be able to lose the belly fat easily. Listen carefully. You might be able to lose the "Freshman 15" you gained.

1. Try not to stress

People these days have so much to stress about. There is stress related to studies, friends, and the problems in relationships. Added to that is stress of the future, as well! Someone's mind would just explode thinking about all these things, right? Stress doesn't only cause tension. It is also one of the leading causes of obesity. That is due to the presence of cortisol.

The body releases cortisol due to the stress. It's the hormone that causes us to gain some weight. So, keeping that stress in check will be the first helpful tip of the day. Listen to some relaxing music, have some comfort food. Anything that keeps off the stress will be great for you.

2. Be more active

We all know that exercising is really important for a healthy body, as well as a fit mind. However, there are many times that people skip out on their workout sessions to take care of other tasks. That will not do. Exercising helps you keep your weight in check (and that includes the belly fat as well.) There are many different exercises that you can try out in order to lose the belly fat.

3. Drink more water

Teenagers are more interested in having aerated drinks these days than a glass of water. It is not very uncommon to see teenagers these days with a can of soda in their hands in the cafeteria or near the vending machines. However, if you want to keep that belly fat in check, you must have lots of water. It is time to chuck those sodas that contain calories and adopt the healthy practice of drinking water.

4. Say goodbye to added sugar

Foods that have some sort of added sugar in them are very unhealthy for teens. Foods like cake and doughnuts can increase body weight as well as belly fat. It also causes blood sugar levels to rise and that ultimately causes weight gain in people. We don't have to tell you twice that it is very unhealthy to consume such foods. So, say bye-bye to unhealthy added sugar and you will see results in the reduction of your belly fat.

5. Include some fiber in your diet

Fiber helps bowel movements become more regular. It helps keep everything in the body moving. Foods that are rich in fiber are vegetables, fruits, legumes, beans, and the root vegetables. Seeds and nuts also have high amounts of fiber.

6. Eat small and frequent meals

We all have the tendency to have three meals in a single day. And don't get me wrong, but our meals are very large in portion. While it might seem convenient to you, this is actually not great for reducing belly fat. It would be better if you would just have three meals that are smaller and then have three different snacks that are healthy in a single day. It would boost the metabolism of your body. Also, it will help you burn calories. You could choose a smaller bowl or a plate so that you are not tempted to eat more. For healthy snacks, there are choices like apples and veggies.

7. Don't restrict calories

If you restrict the calories then it won't really help you lose belly fat. These days, people try a lot to restrict the calories. However, this is not a very healthy option. For example, for girls, the daily calorie intake should be about 1800. If someone a girl goes below that, she might enter a starvation phase. That will promote the body to keep calories, thereby keeping fat. Many diets such as Keto promote the intake of calories. According to the Keto diet meal plan, your diet should have 60-80% calories from the fat, 5-10% from the carbs, and 20-30% from the protein.

8. Avoid skipping breakfast

Breakfast can have many different benefits. It will help in jumpstarting the metabolism of your body. Many people try to skip breakfast. So, automatically their bodies will get a message to conserve calories to prevent starvation. That can increase the production of belly fat.

9. Listen to your body

It can be very tempting to eat more even if you are completely full. However, you need to make sure that you control that urge to eat more if you don't want to bloat up. That way, you will be able to control the weight gain that happens due to overeating.

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