15 Ways To Lose Weight That Don't Involve Starving Yourself
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15 Ways To Lose Weight That Don't Involve Starving Yourself

You don't have to eat once a day to lose a little weight or love your body.

15 Ways To Lose Weight That Don't Involve Starving Yourself
Michael J. Veloz

Losing weight can be extremely intimidating for most people, simply because they think that you must retract from your normal foods and eat crackers for dinner.

But that is not the case. It's very possible to lose weight naturally and still satisfy your hunger. Everyone isn't extreme diet material and I am a living testimony of that. I love my mashed potatoes and chicken, but I learned how to manage it. So, here's a list of things that can help you do the same.

1. Drink plenty of water.

A gallon a day keeps the love handles away!

2. Limit food activity

Try 3 regular meals a day with no extra sugar-filled snacks in between. Unfortunately, that means no cookies, cake, ice cream, chips or candy.

3. Set a carb diet each day.

Pay attention to the bad carbs you intake daily and minimize them. You'll notice a difference from all the unhealthy fatty foods and your body will start to feel lighter.

4. Work out.

5. Wear a stomach wrap.

This could be a $5 waist wrap from Walmart or Saran Wrap from the dollar store, but try to wear something around your stomach that'll make you sweat while you are at work, the grocery store, or even washing the dishes.

6. Eat fruit if you need a snack.

7. Keep busy.

Most of the time we find ourselves eating fattening foods when we are bored and sitting on the couch at home. You're not even hungry but you still open the refrigerator because every good movie needs some popcorn. Get out of there! Staying busy with work, school or friends can help you forget all about snacking.

8. Join a sport.

9. Find healthy alternatives.

Pick the grapes over donuts.

10. Don't think so hard.

Losing weight is a process. You must be patient and not compare your process to others because before you know it, those pants that were once too tight will begin to fit perfectly. Just maintain your consistency.

11. Eat breakfast every morning.

12. Reward yourself.

After being consistent with your choice of "change" for a few weeks, reward yourself with an unhealthy snack! It's ok to have a cheat once in a while. You're human and life may get boring without a scoop of ice cream once in a while.

13. Don't try so hard

You won't lose weight overnight! It's a process. Love your process and don't think about it too much. Those size 10's will be a size 8 in no time.

14. Don't over-indulge.

Slow down on your eating. You aren't supposed to eat until your stomach is bloated. Eat until you are no longer hungry and your stomach is satisfied. That may sound confusing, but you will know exactly what I mean when you try it.

15. Encourage yourself.

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