How to be a snack

You probably clicked on this article thinking "what the hell is a snack?!"

Well, let me enlighten you.

According to Urban Dictionary, a snack is:

Someone who looks good.

Here is an example: "daymnnnn Rachel is looking like a snack tonight!" -said no one ever.

Now does it make sense?

Every day (while we admit it or not) we are striving to look our best even when we don't think we are...we are. Not only do you want to look presentable and somewhat looking like you have your life remotely together, you also always want to have to have your a-game on, you want to be a snack to everyone's eyes. A snack is basically striving to look hot. Have you ever met anyone that doesn't want to be hot? Yeah...I don't think so.

So I have come up with ways for you to become a snack (based off of what I have learning what being a snack should be). Leggo.

1. Don't be afraid to eat.


It drives me nuts, (and I know it drives guys nuts too) when someone is afraid to eat around people because they think they look 'so gross'. Like come on honey, eat the damn ice cream, everyone else makes a mess and survive, you can too.

2. Carry yourself with confidence.


Confidence is sexy, we can all admit it. And if you fall, at least you fell with confidence.

3. Don't be afraid to 'geek out'.


I don't know about you, but someone who geeks about what they are passionate about, or really into, is definitely snack-worthy. Plus that person is showing part of their true self in doing so which is showing that they are comfortable with you!

4. (This one is for the girls) but less makeup!


We all love getting dolled up once in a while, and its fun! But when we start to look like clowns rather than women, that is not snack material, that is razor scooter to the ankle material. Plus guys like when women are more natural. (I have never once heard a guy say they love a girl with a caked face).

5. (This one is for the guys) know how to keep a convo.


I'm sure guys can relate with girls on this, but I will be completely honest on this one, but GUYS LITERALLY SUCK AT KEEPING A CONVO. LEARN HOW TO DO IT, PLEASE, GIRLS LIKE THAT.

6. Don't dress like a 'Brad' or 'Chad', because girls will run...away.

If he is screaming prep school/daddy's money his name is probably Brad. GIRLS CRINGE AT THIS.

7. Make plans, and follow through with them.


Yeah...that cancelling last minute...thats BS.

8. Don't be a fake bitch.


HUUUGGGGGEEEE turn off guy or girl. If you know what I mean, you know what I mean.

9. Don't be a bitch that get's a salad. Get the burger.


Do you want to be that person? Do you really?

10. Always sing the lyrics, always.


Let the world know that you have the voice of an angel, or a dying animal, either way it will get people's attention.

Now get out there and start snackin'.

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