As a college student, I am heartbroken over the tragic and senseless loss of Samantha Josephson. As a Bostonian, I am appalled at the recent cases of kidnap, rape, and murder that seem to keep surfacing in a horrific cycle of abuse. As a member of this global society, I am scared and shocked at the capacity of pure, vicious evil that some vile human beings house. However as much evil as human beings are capable of, we are also capable of humanity and love.

Humanity is always on the flip side of tragedy. Humanity flows through the money donated to a struggling, widowed father trying to put his kids through college, the tears shed at a candlelight vigil for a young woman who was abducted and killed, the meals delivered to a family who lost their loved one to senseless violence. Humanity thrives in these forms.

However, humanity can thrive in a different way as well. Instead of cleaning up the mess of violence, humanity can also do wonders to prevent violence altogether.

Humanity shines through going home with your friend who is leaving by themselves, even if your having a good time out. It shines through stopping that drunk stranger from stumbling out of the club alone. It shines through calling the police just in case something looks sketchy, through keeping an eye on your friends drink in addition to your own, through taking care of someone you just met and making sure they get home safe.

Girls, look out for your sisters. Boys, look out for your brothers. If you see someone too drunk, or even completely sober, leaving by themselves, step in and try to convince them to wait until someone will go home with them. If a friend is exhibiting behaviors of violence or aggression, stop them before they ruin someone else's life, and consequently their own life.

Look out for each other, because I guarantee that you would rather get in a fight with your friend the next morning for stopping them from going home alone, or being too uptight, or too strict, or just plain annoying, than never see them again.