It’s the week of midterms and like many other students, I am mentally exhausted and I can barely focus anymore since my brain is fried. So when I sat down to write an article this week, I was stumped. I sat looking through countless websites and lists for ideas and nothing was grabbing my attention. That is, until my lovely Content Strategist came to the rescue and gave me some of that much needed inspiration.

It was just the Hail Mary I needed. An entire list of over 200 ideas to cure my writer’s block. There was one that stood out to me in particular, literally glowing before my eyes. I don’t know how I didn’t think of it sooner, but it was the perfect amount of comedic relief I needed.

So hold on to your seats, my friends. Here are 10 things that look like Donald Trump’s hair.

1. This ear of corn

The corn wore it better.

2. This furry caterpillar

One scares children. The other is a caterpillar.

3. This troll doll

This looks like one of those "spot the difference" games.

4. This rare breed of chicken

They even have the same beady eyes.

5. This horse butt


6. This rabbit

Who inspired who?

7. This piece of sushi

They're basically the same shade of orange too.

8. This gerbil

His hair might honestly be gerbil hair.

9. This dog

The dog's face says it all.

10. This pad

I'm just gonna let this one speak for itself.