Things To Do On Your Long Flight Or Drive

8 Things To Do On Your Next Long Drive or Flight

So many hours, so little to do but here's some solutions!

Spring break for me included an 8 hour drive to a city a little past San Francisco. It was the second longest drive I had ever gone on. But the good news is I went with friends, so that made the drive a lot more fun. I came up with some ideas for things to do when you're traveling with friends or not.

1. Download games on your phone.


You know Candy Crush, Word's With Friends, Heads Up. Games that you can play by yourself and be entertained or games you can play with the people you're traveling with. You'll be surprised how time flies.

2. Watch a movie or series.


If you're traveling by yourself, scout out some movies or series that you haven't watched and download them (thank you Netflix). Once again, time flies when you're binge-watching. This could be you in your flight but imagine your looking at your phone and on a plane.

3. Play 21 questions.


If you're traveling with long-time friends or even friends your just starting to get to know, just ask each other questions and get to know each other more.

4. Think about life.


There will inevitably be a moment of silence even when you're traveling with friends. So just think about life and how your life has been like recently.

5. Take some sick pics.


If you're driving for that long, chances are you'll run across some nice scenery so might as well snap a few photos to upload on Instagram. If you're on a plane you can take the classic landing photo with one airplane wing and the place you're landing at. If neither of these work, you can also take some cute selfies.

6. Jam Session.


Turn up the tunes and just sing your heart out. PS: this is a million times better when you're with friends. I mean is there anything better than a group of friends singing songs out of tune but having fun anyway?

7. Catch up on some reading or do homework.


One of my friends took her homework during the trip and surprisingly she did do a lot of her reading on the way there, so it sounds boring but it's practical my friends!

8. If worse comes to worse, take a nap


Sleep the hours away and get that rest you need. Somehow even if you sit in a car for 8 hours it's still so tiring. Avoid that and get your beauty sleep girl!

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