Men with long hair are still looked down upon in society for whatever reason. Some view it as unprofessional and others see it as unkempt. Some people don't care and those people are the ones people should follow.

I have what is considered long hair for a male and I already know that my future will have some downsides because of it. I have heard of men that weren't hired for jobs because of having long hair. Society has this idea of what a man should look like and long hair doesn't fall into that category.

Hair is just hair. It allows people to creatively express themselves. If going by gender norms, women often still get jobs if they have short hair. These double standards need to stop.

The people that say long hair on a man looks unkempt usually have a problem with it being up in a man bun as well. Man buns are controversial topics with many people thinking they look bad. What these people often fail to realize is that the person with the man bun likes the bun. Criticizing someone for something they enjoy about themselves is just plain ridiculous. Let people look the way they want to look. It's not hurting anyone.

Many years ago, plenty of men had what is considered by today's standards as long hair. They were still successful in life and weren't looked upon. Something changed since then that made it become something that isn't generally accepted. I really want to know what that reason was. Society seems to be going backward. We as a society need to change that.

I can't wait for the day where it is accepted everywhere. I should be able to do what I want with my hair without others treating me differently.