When we were little and spent our summers out on the beach and by the pool, with our tan skin and bleach blond hair, no one would have ever thought that we would have drifted apart.

But life happens.

Middle school happened. Yes, we rode together to school on the first day of sixth and seventh grade, but when we walked through the doors, we had our different friend groups, and different interests too. hen we got older, and grew apart even more, to the point where we would barely speak to each other when we were in the same class. We did not, not speak to each other because we did not want to, but because at that point, we did not even know what to talk to each other about.

Then suddenly, senior year rolls around. We both chose schools on the literal opposite side of the state from each other, graduated high school, went to college, and now we are closer than ever.

I am thankful for that. If I had the option, I honestly would not go back and change the way things were, because I do not think that our friendship would be what it is now.

You are my go-to coffee date, one of the only people that get as excited as I do about decorating, and you are one of my main confidants. I just want to thank you for being my best friend forever when we were nine years old, and even more now that we are nineteen years old.